Awakening: Chapter 153-Hiding

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In order to listen to their speech, Lei Yin sent his internal force into his ears.

“Police officers, you really can’t come in now. Tonight is the birthday party of Ikeyama Togoto. Congressman Fukuda, Executive Director Yokoyama, Congressman Tachibana, and all other high-ranking guests were also there to offer their birthday congratulations. At the same time, there are also celebrities and business people, if you rush in there, it will disturb them. So, please wait until after the party is over before you conduct your search.” The Hotel Manager wouldn’t budge from the entrance and said.

“But I received orders from above; it said that there’s a fugitive hiding inside. If this delay result in casualties, who would bear the responsibility? Please don’t make our job difficult.” The negotiating with the Hotel Manager middle-aged police officer still pressed on.

“Fugitive? Just now the police officer said the one hiding here is just a thief, how all of a sudden become a fugitive?” Hearing that the one hiding inside was a fugitive, the Hotel Manager’s complexion suddenly changed greatly.

“Which police officer told you this is just a thief?”

“It’s the few police officers guarding the back door of the Hotel.” The Manager answered.

The middle-aged police officer cursed in his heart, ‘I really don’t know what kind of orders did those old men sitting in the office sent. Just know that they ordered all the local police in the Shinjuku area to go all out to catch people, but none cooperate with the external experts.’

He also felt very confused. Although they were ordered to catch people, he hasn’t even seen the fugitive’s face. He was just being pressed to become interim commander here by the order of the one surnamed Kamata, to surround the area.

“In short, we will immediately go in, but we will not enter the Hall, we’ll just deploy our men on the perimeter, and will not harass other guests.” The middle-aged police officer dryly coughed and said.

“But….” The Hotel Manager did not know what to do. If so many uniformed police officers went in, it’s impossible not to disturb those important guests. Moreover, this will not be good to the Hotel reputation. But if there’s a fugitive hiding inside, and it causes casualties, no one could afford to take this responsibility.

When the Hotel Manager was hesitant, a senior police officer vehicle arrived.

When the car stopped, two men walked out.

“Good evening, Head Matsuyama.” The middle-aged police officer immediately saluted to one of the men. He never thought that even the head of the Police also come.

“What is the current situation?” The 50 somethings Police Inspector Matsuyama asked.

“Report to Head, the Shinjuku Police Officers and we have completely surrounded the Hotel.”

“So why not go in and search?” Police Head Matsuyama somewhat dissatisfied.

The middle-aged police officer wanted to say, he didn’t know the look of the fugitive, but felt this was too stupid, and besides, the Hotel Manager was also watching. He can’t say that after he had received the order from the above, he hastily rushed over here with large group of people and surrounded the place without asking for the details of the fugitive, although it was certainly according to the instruction.

Therefore, he said the concern of the Hotel Manager.

“This is indeed troublesome, never thought that Congressman Fukuda and Congressman Yokoyama are also inside.” Police Head Matsuyama began to hesitate. Those are important people that he can’t afford to offend.

Police Head Matsuyama suddenly turned to the man next to him and said: “Mr. Yamahara, do you think you can wait until after the party is over before you go in and search?”

Wearing a black jacket middle-aged man said to the middle-aged police officer: “Where is Kamata?”

“Mr. Kamata is with the Shinjuku Police Officers guarding the back door.” The middle-aged police officer replied.

“You go and tell him to come here.”

“Yes.” The middle-aged police officer immediately made a radio call after he performed the salutation ritual.

“Police Head Matsuyama, unexpectedly there are so many congressmen inside, it would be better if we wait until after the party end before we search.” The Police Officer surnamed Yamahara said to the Police Inspector.

“Thank you for Mr. Yamahara’s understanding.” Police Head Matsuyama saluted him very gratefully.

The middle-aged police officer who has just finished radioing the police officer guarding the backdoor can’t help but shock to see this mysterious man. Although he didn’t know who this man is, to see Police Head Matsuyama was so respectful toward him, the middle-aged police officer knew that this person certainly has a very important background. Looking at his neither Congressman nor Police Officer appearance, the middle-aged police officer can’t figure out his identity.

Compared to the confused middle-aged police officer, the has been standing on the balcony watching the whole process Lei Yin already knew who this man surnamed Yamahara really was.

‘Even this guy is also here, who exactly is the person they want to catch?’

‘Surprisingly, after two years, I am actually able to see him here, it really is ‘enemies on a narrow road.’ Lei Yin sneered.

‘It seems like a good play will commence after the end of the party.’ Lei Yin took another look, turned around and returned to the Banquet Hall.

After Lei Yin arrived at the dinner table and was about to continue to eat, suddenly Takeda hurriedly came.

“Masashi, what did you just say to Haruko? Why does she look so angry?”

“Where’s Yoshikawa?” Lei Yin looked up and asked.

“Going out with Haruko.”

“Takeda, as a friend, I offer you a word of advice. That girl does not suit you, do not waste your time.”

“What do you mean by this? What happened between you and Haruko just now?”

“It’s nothing, just talking clearly with her.” Lei Yin dismissively said.

His answer was similar with Takeda’s guess.

“Masashi, you really don’t have any interest toward Haruko?”

“Takeda, I ask you, what exactly do you like in Narimura Haruko? Don’t tell me it’s just because of her appearance.

“Hey, that’s too direct. Haruko is very good, her look is so beautiful, and her attitude is also very good. Ordinary people will like such a girl. Let me ask you, what exactly you don’t like in Haruko?” Takeda asked.

“Forget it, only by being subjected to a number of setbacks will a young man grow. You slowly pursue your daydream, but after you get dumped, don’t come to my apartment to get wildly drunk.” Lei Yin gave up his unnecessary piece of advice.

“You actually curse me getting dumped, assh*le!” Takeda angrily jumped.

“If you yell again, be careful they’re going to kick you out from here.”

Takeda looked around at the well-dressed upper-level celebrities and immediately didn’t dare to call out. Only his mouth whispered: “If I knew early on, I would have followed Haruko out, it’s too cheap for Yoshikawa, that son of a b*tch.”

Lei Yin was too lazy to care for him, continued to choose something to eat from the table.

But after five minutes, his eating was interrupted again.

“Fellow student Gennai, aren’t you together with Haruko? Why are you alone here?” MingYu Ji Zi came over and asked.

“She seems to have something to do and have walked away.” Lei Yin somewhat reluctantly put down the plate.

“Ah, that’s too bad. Other people still want to have a good chat with her.” MingYu Ji Zi unintentionally straightened out her proud twin peaks as she spoke.

Seeing the deep cleavage revealing out from her low-cut dress, the standing nearby Takeda’s eyeballs almost fell out.

“Since Haruko have walked away, why don’t fellow student Gennai accompany me for a dance?” MingYu Ji Zi’s gleaming eyes were looking at Lei Yin.

Hearing her words, Takeda hated it. ‘Has just left, here comes another, do all the beautiful women have masochistic tendency? What exactly is good about this guy?’

“Ji Zi, how can you walk away, didn’t I just tell you to wait there for me?” At this time, the student body President hurriedly came over.

MingYu Ji Zi’s face sank, and then said coldly: “Senior, can’t you see I am talking to someone else?”

“Ji Zi….” The student body President was at a loss. He had never seen such an expression from Ji Zi.

MingYu Ji Zi didn’t bother with him anymore, but continued to say with a sweet smile to Lei Yin: “Fellow student Gennai, let’s dance.”

Looking at the angry look of the student body President that were directed at him, Lei Yin thought it was time to stop this farce.

“I’m sorry, just as most people do not like to eat unwashed fruits, I am also not used to dance with people that I don’t know. Excuse me.” With that, Lei Yin took a plate containing the food from the table and walked away.

The student body President and Takeda were shocked to see him leave. And MingYu Ji Zi’s expression was surprisingly rich.


“What the hell, I don’t know which shameless guy did this, but he actually ate a plate of Tuna Sushi.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“It’s true, that plate of sushi is so expensive, the Catering Manager Masahiro has thrown a fit, he said we must find the people who steal it. If found, that guy will definitely be fired.”

“I think it’s probably Koji Hiteki. That guy loves to eat.”

“He should not be so bold. It’s actually fine if he just ate a little, but this time, the whole plate has been eaten.”

When Lei Yin came out from the bathroom, two waiters have just walked away from his side.

Hearing their conversation, Lei Yin’s heart was moved.

He didn’t want to return to the hall so quickly. Instead, he leisurely strolled toward the direction of the kitchen.

Although the meals for the party have mostly been carried out, the kitchen staff did not relax. Some dessert snacks were continuously being brought out from the kitchen.

Lei Yin did not go in, just walking around in the vicinity of power distribution room or utility room, and several other rooms.

After he had adjusted his heartbeat, he carefully listened to the sound in every room.

After a while, after making sure there was no one around, he gently loosened the Utility room door and went in.

After closing the door, he did not immediately turn on the utility room light but quietly walked to the middle of the room.

“Come out, I know you’re in here. I am not the police. Maybe I can help you.” Lei Yin’s voice softly sounded in the darkness.

He was still surrounded by silence.

‘I’m probably too meddlesome.’ Lei Yin began to hesitate and wanted to leave to pretend he knows nothing.

But in the end, he decided to stay, because he wanted to see who is the person Jiro Yamahara (see Chapter 57) wanted to catch. That guy is, after all, not a good man, if he can pull his leg off, Lei Yin would be very glad to do so.

“Hey, I repeat, if you don’t come out, then I’ll come there myself.”

There was still no sound in the utility room.

It seemed like he was alone in there. However, if he put himself in the other side situation, it would also be impossible to whistle him out with just those two silly lines that he said just a moment ago. Lei Yin was not worried that the guy has a gun, if he really has that kind of thing, the police outside wouldn’t be so relaxed to wait until the banquet is over before they come in to catch people.

Lei Yin walked step by step toward that corner filled with debris. He felt that the guy’s breath have become more rapid as he continued to approach. ‘Looks like I’m not welcomed here.’

When he was about two or three meter distance away from the guy, all of a sudden, a figure from the dark quickly jumped straight toward Lei Yin.

Well prepared, Lei Yin moved sideway to dodge, and then his right hand seized this opportunity to throw the guy down on the ground.

When the guy wanted to get up and attack, Lei Yin twisted his right hand behind him, and then pressed him on the ground.

“Enough, playtime is over.” The opposite party’s attack was worse than what Lei Yin thought.

When he clearly saw him on the ground, Lei Yin can’t help but wryly smile.

He never imagined that the person Jiro Yamahara personally wanted to catch turned out to be a teenage boy.

“Let go of me, you beast.” The youth loudly scolded him.

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