Awakening: Chapter 154-Chaos

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“You are a Nepalese?” Lei Yin was surprised by this kid’s curse language.

Hearing Lei Yin asked him in fluent Nepali, the youth obviously stunned for a moment. But soon, he began to struggle again.

Lei Yin released him and stood up.

After reclaiming his freedom, the youth first retracted back to that corner.

“Answer me, those police outside is here to catch you?”

Lei Yin did not think it was necessary for Jiro Yamahara to personally deal with this kid, but listened to their talk, the people who came here to catch this kid did not seem to come from various units.

The youth did not answer his question, just looked at him in panic and nervous.

“I am not coming here to get you. Maybe I can get you out of here, but first, you have to tell me why those people want to catch you.”

The teenager’s eyes were without any changes, still full of alert looking at him from the ground.

Lei Yin got a little headache. He originally thought he was going to discuss conditions with an adult, but he did not think it would be with such an ignorant little brat.

But on the other hand, because the other side was just an underage boy, he could not bear just to leave him alone.

This is the contradictions in Lei Yin’s personality. He can be ruthless to those adults who provoke him, and willing to make them disappear. But he can not harden his heart to do the same thing to a minor even if this minor provoked him like those adults. Like the previous transfer student Nagasaki; He just burned his house as a warning, and not be ruthless as to eliminate him.

Based on this same mentality extension, in the past, he had rescued ReiLi from being hunted down and received him as a disciple. The same goes for Amy. ReiLi once said to Changan behind his back that, Master is definitely qualified to become the President of the World Association for the Protection of Children.

At this time, this someone, which once being talked behind the back as eligible to inherit the post of President of the World Association for the Protection of Children, had a headache; He did not know how to get the trust of the kid in front of him.

If this kid did not eat something, he could probably use food to lure him to speak. But knowing that this fellow has just eaten a whole plate of super expensive sushi, he can not use this trick.

Under such a situation where he can not think of a way, Lei Yin became somewhat fired up. Because of the lack of patience and not suitable for doing parental work, the man walked in front of the teenager and raised him up.

“Hey, I asked you a question. Say something, at least you can fart (say nonsense), right?”

The frightened teenager wanted to break free from his hand, but found the man’s hand was like a pincer; he completely unable to break free. Therefore, he used his teeth to bite this man’s hand.

Lei Yin has no intention to become this kid’s dessert, with his free right hand he took hold of his chin and raised his head up to look at himself.

“Now I am not in the mood to slowly develop feelings with you, I will say it again, if you do not make a sound, I will pretend to know nothing and get out of here. As for when you get caught by those people later, it has nothing to do with me.

Being overpowered by force, the teenager finally decided to look at this man in the eyes.

Through the dim light, Lei Yin also can clearly see the teenager’s appearance.

Typical Asian people with dark skin; facial features were not great, but the eyes were quite bright. Such a teenager can be seen everywhere in Nepal. Lei Yin became more and more curious of why this Jiro Yamahara is bent on capturing the teenager. He hoped the reason that guy used so many police officers to catch people is not because of some disgusting tendency.

After a while, perhaps believing that Lei Yin came from the same area as him, the teenager finally opened his mouth.

“You, you really are not with them?”

To see him finally willing to speak, Lei Yin put him down.

“If I am with one of their group, I can just hand you over to them, do I need to talk nonsense with you here?”

Although not yet fully trusted him, the alertness in the teenager’s eyes went away a lot.

“Now it is your turn to answer my question. Are those police really here to catch you?”



“I….I do not know.” The teenager did not dare to look him in the eyes.

“Very good.” Lei Yin sneered, turned around, and walked toward the door.

“Do not, do not go.” The teenager quickly pulled his hand tightly.

“I am not going to help people with unknown origin. If you do not say anything, then I am sorry, I can not help you.” Lei Yin looked at him calmly.

The teenager was now in a dilemma, after being chased by those people for so long, he has been very tired. His instinct told him the man might be able to help him get out of here. But….

After struggling with these thoughts for a while, he finally made a decision.

“I escaped from them.”

“Them? You mean the police?”

“No. I escaped from a group of people dressed in white.” The teenager’s voice trembled a bit.

“Were you the only one to escape?”

“There are other people who escaped with me from there, but I was separated from them. Now I am alone. When I came out yesterday looking for something to eat, I was accidentally discovered, and therefore being pursued by them now.”

“Those people in white clothes, what have they done to you?” Lei Yin then asked.

Hearing this question, the teenager’s face showed a frightened expression, suddenly retracted to the corner and loudly screamed.

Lei Yin thought that his reaction was too big, hurriedly rushed to cover his mouth.

At this time, the teenager lost his reason and desperately struggled.

Lei Yin has no choice, with his hand, he firmly grabbed the teenager’s two wrists, while another hand tightly covered the teenager’s mouth.

“Hey, wake up, it is okay now.” Lei Yin hammered his head using his forehead.

The teenager felt dizzy, after a while, he finally stopped struggling.

“I beg you, do not ask anymore.” The slowly recovering teenager pleaded in tears.

Afraid that he would yell again, Lei Yin had to stop asking.

“Very well, I do not ask. Now I tell you one thing, the area outside the Hotel had been surrounded by the police. After the guests are gone, they will come in and search.”

“Then what should we do?” The teenager helplessly watched Lei Yin.

‘His grandma, why are you looking at me?’ Lei Yin cursed in his heart. ‘Looks like this kid is dead set on eating me.’

Lei Yin did not speak, just walked to the junk cabinets in front of him looking for something. The teenager unblinkingly stared at him, for fear that he would leave.

‘Seems like it is not here.’ Lei Yin said to the teenager: “You wait for me here, I will be back soon.” With that, he walked to the door.

The teenager immediately ran over and tightly pulled his clothes, not letting him go, “Do not abandon me!”

“I said, I will be back.” Lei Yin did not bother to explain to him, just gave him a stern look.

The teenager was a bit afraid of him, and quickly let go of his hand.

Lei Yin walked to the door, after making sure no one is near, immediately opened the door to go out.

The utility room returned to the previous dark state, and the teenager continued to retract to the corner. At this time, his mind was very anxious. He was afraid the man might not return, or worse, to lead those people outside to this place. ‘Brother Jabin said, those people outside are untrustworthy.’

He wanted to leave, but he feared after his departure, in case that man is really here to help him, he may lose the last man who could save himself.

The teenager constantly struggled, hesitated to decide whether he should leave or stay.

Finally, the frightened mood prevailed, he decided to get out of here.

When he ran to the door to open the door, the door suddenly opened.

The teenager jumped out of his skin and quickly ran back.

“Hey, it is me.” From the darkness came the man’s voice.

Hearing his voice, the teenager’s heart was surprised, it seemed like he was really here to help him.

The teenager stopped and turned to look at him.

“Quickly put this clothes on.” Lei Yin threw a bag of stuff at him.

The teenager was a bit overwhelmed looking at these clothes.

“What are you looking at, hurry up.” Lei Yin was a bit impatient.

‘This man is terrible.’ The teenager thought as he wore that set of clothes on.

‘A kid just like Amy, but Amy is much more cuter, if not because I can not bear to, really wanted to just walk away.’ Lei Yin secretly thought.

Unaware of his serious gender discrimination, he caught a glimpse of the lower part of the boy who frequently annoys him, it seemed like a very young man indeed.

Thus, ReiLi’s complain that his Master is excessively eccentric was not unfounded.

After the teenager changed his clothes, Lei Yin carefully looked a bit.

It was a waiter’s uniform, though he had picked up the smallest size, to this around 14 or 15 years old teenager, it was still a bit too big.

But now, he can not care about this so much. After helping him tidied up the long sleeves and trousers, Lei Yin said: “You wait for me here, do not walk around. When the chaos occurs outside, I will come and take you away from the hotel.”

“Chaos?” The teenager puzzledly chewed this word.

“Listen, your chance is only one time, remember to wait here for me.” Lei Yin exhorted.

The teenager looked at him for a moment and then nodded.

After coming out from the Utility room, Lei Yin nonchalantly walked back to the Banquet Hall.

At this time, the party has entered the later half period, and he can clearly see some of the guests had already left.

“Masashi, where have you been? I have been looking for you everywhere.” Takeda walked toward him.

“What about Yoshikawa, he has not come back?” Lei Yin asked, changing the subject

“That guy ever since he went out with Haruko, he never came back, and might have gone back home. By the way, how do you know MingYu Ji Zi?”

“Do you know that woman?”

“Please, who in our school do not know MingYu Ji Zi? She and Narimura Haruko is equally famous beauties, in the campus voting for the number one new beauty, she was just a few votes shy away from being number one. I heard that her family and Haruko’s family are good friends.”

‘Good friends? Those two women do not even look half-friendly, enemy is more likely.’ As one can imagine, when two equally famous beauties appear at the same time, if both characters are not good, the opportunity to become enemies is very large.

“Be honest with me, when did you know MingYu Ji Zi? Do not tell me you just met her. Really do not know why you this guy could be so lucky, there are actually two beauties who treat you so well at the same time.” Takeda became even more excited, just stopped short at grabbing his friend’s collar to question him.

“You guess it right, I really just know that woman called Ji Zi in this party. Takeda, did not I tell you before, your view of women are too superficial, do not think that every beautiful woman is a good woman. If you keep on maintaining this idea, you would later die miserably.”

“Bastard, do not think that you can be so proud that there are two beautiful women fancy you.” Takeda completely took his words of advice as cynical remarks.

“Lend me a lighter.”

“Why do you want a lighter, you do not look like a smoker.”

“Who says I do not smoke, it is just once in awhile. Cut the crap, hurry up and fetch it.”

“Asking to borrow something, but with a bad attitude,” Takeda muttered from the side as he took the lighter from his body.

After taking the lighter, Lei Yin walked out of the Hall.

“Hey, where are you going?” Takeda from the back loudly asked.

“This is not a smoking area, I will go to other places.” Lei Yin said without turning back his head.

“This is a non-smoking area?” Takeda with a strange expression looked at the big cigar on the fat man’s mouth not far away in front of him, muttered.

‘Do not know in just a minute how will the chaos here look like, really want to watch how these parade of upper-class people would react.’ Knowing that a good show was about to begin, Lei Yin was filled with a sense of excitement, and could not help but quicken his step.


Japan is an earthquake-prone country, therefore, for the Japanese, the occurrence of an earthquake will not alarm them, because they have become accustomed to it.

However, if there is a fire, how would they react?

When the Hotel fire alarm rang loudly, all the people’s face in the Banquet Hall could not help but become pale.

“What is happening?”

“The building is on fire?”

“What exactly is happening here?” Someone loudly shouted.

The people still have not responded from the shocked, suddenly, the automatic anti-fire system installed above the Hall constantly sprayed out water. Everyone in the room suddenly drenched in water, became soaking wet.

Those classy ladies were now screaming like a frightened chicken. And those men in suits could no longer keep their gentleman poise, all of their faces showed panic expression. At the moment everyone appeared to be in an extremely difficult situation.

After knowing that there was a fire, the crowd in the Hall began to become very chaotic; everyone desperately tried to run toward the direction of the exit.

At the same time, the Hotel guests who stayed upstairs were also constantly rushed down from above.

Keio Hotel is 47 stories high, a well-known Hotel frequently visited by foreign tourists. Usually, during the tourist season, there were more than 1600 guests, of which more than half are foreigners.

Such a large crowd suddenly rushed down; this is a scene that one not often can see.

Two group of people gathered on the exit.

But relatively speaking, the number of people rushing down from the upstairs was much more than the number of people coming from the Banquet Hall.

The humanity herd mentality is sometimes very frightening, although no one really saw the flame or smoke, when one saw others running outward, few can really stop it. In this extremely chaotic situation, the mutual jostling or trampling each other were inevitable.

Suddenly, pitiful yell, squeal, scold, and shrill sounds filled the entire lobby.

The people fled outside like they were being subjected to Termite invasion.

The road outside the Hotel, because of the sudden appearance of the people, became very congested. In that entire section of the road, the long queue of vehicles became longer and longer. The nearby passers-by were also attracted to this rarely seen chaotic scene and stopped to watch.

The surrounded by the crowd moving outward Takeda at the moment was all wet. But he has no time to feel bad about his newly bought Armani suit. Though he was a bit worried about his friend’s safety, in this case, trying to find people is simply impossible.

He did not know that Lei Yin was 50 meters away from him at the moment. At his side, there was a thin and short, dressed up as a waiter fellow who followed him.

Regarding this mad influx of people, the police guarding outside were also panicked. They did not know what was going on inside. But at least they know one thing, the time is not the right to perform their duty, if anyone dared to stand in the front, he would surely be flattened by the crowd.

Seeing this much more chaotic scene than what he imagined, Lei Yin could not help but a bit surprise. This play seemed to be a little bit bigger.

Having no time to think, he took the Nepalese teenager to walk on another road.

Because of the chaos, the resultant traffic jam became more and more serious, almost all the vehicles in the vicinity were forced to stop.

In this case, the two people can only walk forward.

Finally able to leave the Hotel, the Nepalese teenager was excited. Becoming surer that this man is not one of them.


On the crossroads not quite far away from Keio Hotel, the youth dazedly looked at Lei Yin talking Japanese on the phone.

After a while, Lei Yin hung up the phone and then said to the teenager in Nepali: “We wait here, in awhile, someone will come to pick us up.

Hearing there were other people, the teenager subconsciously became tense.

“Do not worry, those people are not here to catch you. Because I can not live with you, I had to ask them to help you find some place to stay.” Lei Yin glanced at him and explained.

Hearing these words, the teenagers quieted down.

“By the way, I still do not know your name?”

“My name is Ji Teba.” The boy replied.

“You were with your family members sneaked into Japan, right?” Looking at his emaciated appearance, Lei Yin knew he was not a tourist.

Ji Teba nodded, “I was with my father on a boat to Japan.”

“What about your father?”

“He….is dead. He was killed by those people.” At this point, the teenager’s eyes for the first time exposed a strong hatred.

Lei Yin very much wanted to continue to ask what exactly those people did to them, but was afraid he would go mad again, and had to temporarily hold back his questions. ‘Better wait until we come to the safe place to talk about it.’

“Since your father is dead, what are you going to do?” Lei Yin asked another question.

“I, I do not know.” The teenager’s face grew more dazed and helpless.

“How about this, I will find someone to send you back to Nepal, what do you think?” Lei Yin hoped this kid had loved ones at home, even if he has no other relatives, he could send him to Nepal orphanages. He has no intention to take another disciple.

“Thank you.” The teenager’s eyes exposed a grateful look.

“It is nothing.” Lei Yin said dismissively.

The two people kept waiting at the crossroad, as time passes, the teenager slowly began to calm down.

At this time, the has been standing by the wall with closed eyes Lei Yin suddenly opened his eyes.

“Come with me.” Lei Yin held Ji Teba’s hand and ran to another street without waiting for his reply.

“What is happening?” The teenager asked as he ran.

“Someone is coming.” Lei Yin replied.

“Is it those people?” The teenager nervously asked.

“I do not know. I want to see if they will follow us.”

After running to an intersection, Lei Yin pulled the teenager to hid in a street corner.

After hiding, Lei Yin attentively put his attention outside to hear the sound with total concentration. The teenager also raised up his ears to listen.

Five minutes later, the teenager heard two rapid footsteps approaching them, his face suddenly turned white with scare.

Lei Yin turned his head back and watched the teenager with strange eyes.

“Let us get out of here.” The teenager whispered.

“It is no use to run, it seems they have a way of knowing where you are.” Lei Yin said in heavy voice.

“Then what should we do?” The teenager was so nervous that his whole body covered with sweats.

“You stand here and do not move, I want to go nearby to ambush them.”

“What, you do not want to mess around, those people are very powerful.” The teenager was greatly anxious.

“Nonsense, if they are not powerful, why would I need to use this trick? Anyway, do not move, lest I accidentally hurt you.” Lei Yin exhorted him.

The teenager looked at him for a while and finally nodded.

Lei Yin immediately ran to the street corner on the other side to hide.

If this was an ordinary people, he simply would not need to pay attention, but if the two people were like Jiro Yamahara, he had better be careful.

As the footsteps were getting closer, the teenager’s heart almost jumped out.

Finally, the two men came to a stop in the vicinity.

“Come out, I know you are here.” One of the men said aloud.

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