Awakening: Chapter 155-Bullet

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Although it was a very rough Nepali, the teenager very clearly heard it, and his heart almost jumped out.

“Kamata, you go and catch him.” Jiro Yamahara ordered a thin man seemingly a bit like a drug addict.

“Yes, Director Yamahara.”

Hearing the sound of footsteps of that man coming to him, the teenager immediately wanted to run away.

But he had promised the man that he would not move. Therefore, while the teenager’s body trembled in fear, he eventually did not move.

“You better go out. Otherwise, if you make me angry, that would be bad.” Although aware that the teenager does not understand Japanese, he still a bit unhinged-ly licked his lips and said.

This man named Kamata once abused five women to death. When police searched his house, they found it full of all kinds of torture instruments, and even the imitation of European medieval torture instruments was included in his collections.

Rather than simply have sex with women, he became addicted to watching those tortured women’s faces, especially the excitement that came from the outpouring of painful expressions.

With what he had done, even being put to death by dismemberment, he deserved it. But Jiro Yamahara actually used his connection to free him. Therefore, Kamata is absolutely loyal like a dog to Jiro Yamahara.

But Jiro Yamahara did not save him because he wanted a faithful dog, what he really like was the unknown ability in his body.

In this world, there is a kind of people. They were born with some kind of superhuman ability. Although each of their abilities is different, people who know they exist would call them Espers or Superpowers.

Espers are very small in numbers. In a city with tens of millions of individuals perhaps there are only a handful of such persons. Compared to those who go around saying they have superpower showing off to swindle people, these are different. The real Espers will definitely not have the chance to show their faces in public.

Because to the Government, they are exceedingly rare and secret resources. Once one is recognized as Esper, very soon they will be contacted by a special organization. After a test, if the power is considered to be of practical value, it will be mandatory for them to join the Organization for Government use. But if the power is unusable, they will be warned to keep their lips sealed.

Kamata’s power was discovered after his arrest. When he touch someone else’s body, he can induce that person’s brain to think of everything, including mood changes or making them see pictures or scene.

This is not a very special ability, however, in the interrogation, this ability can play an unexpected effect. Because unknowingly, no matter how a person disguises himself, everything that person had in mind can not deceive other people. This was the original reason Jiro Yamahara insisted that he must come.

For Kamata, his ability is a non-attack ability, so, he actually did not need to participate in this hunt. But because others were busy chasing down the other escapee, there was a shortage of manpower, and Jiro Yamahara had to let him out with him.

Finally, Kamata arrived at the corner where the Nepalese teenager was hidden.

Hearing the teenager’s irrepressible horror mood leaking out with the heavy breathing, Kamata kind of have a tyrannical delight.

Suddenly, he felt something close to him, when he subconsciously drew the gun, a hand tightly grabbed his wrist where he held his gun, at the same time, he felt his throat was being caught by a pincer-like hand; he wanted to call but unable to.

“Kamata, what are you doing there? You can not even catch a kid?” After a long time Kamata still did not come out, Jiro Yamahara began to get a little impatient.

After a while, Jiro Yamahara saw Kamata finally came out walking backward.

“You got him?” Jiro Yamahara asked.

Suddenly, the half exposed back Kamata fell down to the ground, his mouth filled with blood. Then, a figure quickly jumped out right after Kamata fell. In his hand, he was holding Kamata’s gun.

The highly trained Jiro Yamahara reacted very fast, seeing Kamata fell down to the ground, he knew an unforeseen event had happened.

When he saw the gun in that man’s hand, he first jumped to the roadside flower base to take cover.

Lei Yin did not give him any respite. After he jumped, he immediately held out the gun and rushed over.

When Jiro Yamahara just took his gun out, with a sound of gunshot, a bullet came through the opening between the flower base and hit his appeared-ready-to-fight-back wrist

The middle-aged man bellowed, and the gun in his hand accidentally fell to the ground.

When he wanted to pick up the pistol, a bullet wonderfully struck the gun on the ground, all of a sudden putting that pistol 10 meters away.

“Beast.” Jiro Yamahara cursed while he stood up to run to the nearby street corner.

But Lei Yin already rushed over to him in a straight line.

At this time, the has been unable to dodge Jiro Yamahara suddenly faced the direction where Lei Yin is coming at him and held out his left hand.

The sound of gunshot sounded, a bullet flew straight toward Jiro Yamahara’s chest.

This time, Jiro Yamahara was not able to dodge, but the bullet actually did not enter his body.

Because, the bullet stopped half a meter away in front of Jiro Yamahara’s body.

Like the special effect scene in the films, without any reason, the bullet just stopped. But the bullet was not static, it was still moving forward in a spinning movement, but no matter how, its position still has not changed, still fixed there.

‘Telekinetic?’ Seeing such a strange scene, a word came into Lei Yin’s mind.

In the long course of rebirths, this was not the first time he experienced an Esper.

In the past, ESP was treated as sorcery and Espers often banished from the community. Now the situation is not that much different. The only difference is, in the modern world an ESP ability is more clearly defined, and not treated as a monster or uncanny. Two years ago, when he first met with Jiro Yamahara, Lei Yin knew he has ESP ability, but not clear about his exact power. Now he was relatively certain.

Lei Yin saw that the rotational speed of the suspended in mid-air bullet slowly weakened, it seemed like it will not be long before the guy can free his hand.

But Lei Yin did not give his opponent this opportunity. “Bang, bang,” with these two shots, two bullets flew past almost at the same time. Then, like the previous bullet, the two bullets stopped half a meter away from Jiro Yamahara. The three bullets almost drew a straight line, side by side they rapidly rotated.

Although the result was the same as before, the middle-aged man did not seem to give his free performance toward Lei Yin with ease.

One can see the exposed blue veins on his forehead, and a line of blood flew out from his nostril.

“Uncle, seems like your age is not suitable to do such a strenuous exercise.” Lei Yin said with a sneer.

Jiro Yamahara lifted his head very difficulty, seeing the appearance of the man who made him in a very distressed position, he said with a tone of surprise and anger: “It is you, this bastard.”

“It seems you still remember me, so to say, you have yet to arrive at a senile stage.”

“Beast, I will not let you go.” Jiro Yamahara was looking at him full of hatred.

Jiro Yamahara initially wanted to run away, but by his reaction, it was simply impossible. The bullet came close before he can get out of the way, therefore, he had to brace himself to face it head on. He can only hope that these few bullets can stop as soon as possible.

“Please make no mistake, this beast word is your special-purpose name, and I do not dare to recognize it as mine randomly. Moreover, I have the same idea as you, I am also not ready to let you go.” With that, Lei Yin gave him the rest of the bullets until the gun was completely empty of it.

Have yet to stop one wave of bullets, the condition of Jiro Yamahara when the last wave of bullets arrived before him was difficult to describe.

Although he successfully caught the additional two bullets, these two bullets were different than the previous three, because these bullets was only a palm distance away from his chest.

The fast spinning bullets stopped in front of his chest with varying spinning speed. In addition to the change of complexion, Jiro Yamahara’s face was severely distorted because of overexertion. Moreover, not only his nose, now even his ears and eyes began to flow out blood, looking very disgustingly terrible.

“Uncle, when you arrive in the underworld, remember to send my regards to your mother.” After throwing away the pistol, Lei Yin rushed forward in stride.

Seeing Lei Yin came at him headlong, Jiro Yamahara, for the first time, had an alarmed look in his eyes.

When Lei Yin was two or three steps away from him, Jiro Yamahara suddenly shouted, all the blue veins on his face inflated out, then, those five bullets suddenly dropped to the ground.

At this time, Lei Yin also happened to arrive in front of him.

As if he imagined thing, when he rushed to less than one meter away from Jiro Yamahara, he felt like there was an invisible wall in front of him, blocking his movement so he could no longer move forward even just a centimeter.

Seeing he was able to successfully blocked the bullet before his energy ran out, and therefore, can stop Lei Yin in his path, excited look flashed through Jiro Yamahara’s eyes. Although he was in a very bad situation right now, to deal with an ordinary person, it would still not big of a deal to him.

But one thing he guessed wrong, Lei Yin is definitely not an ordinary person like he imagined.

He was surprised to find out that the man is slowly coming closer to him.

‘What is going on here?’ Jiro Yamahara was shocked and afraid to look at this man sneering at him while continued to approach.

Just like what Lei Yin estimated, Espers are not invincible. Otherwise, he would already long finished when he fought with those Espers in those days. Based on Jiro Yamahara’s telekinetic power, he can easily raise a kg of matter with his mind, but it does not mean he can similarly raise a ton of matter. Just like human’s physical strength, ESP abilities also have their limits.

And according to his understanding, because ESP ability is part of the special mental ability, usually it can not often be used, and once used, it takes a long time to recover.

Thus, in this case, where Lei Yin is using his full internal power, Jiro Yamahara can no longer suppress his action.,

Seeing Lei Yin’s hand almost pinched his neck, Jiro Yamahara once again shouted, increasing the intensity of his control. But at the same time, from his facial features, the outpouring of blood all of a sudden increased a lot, appearing even more terrifying.

But this time, Lei Yin had not been suppressed just like those bullets. He briefly paused and then moved the hand that was about to pinch Jiro Yamahara’s neck to the chest.

Jiro Yamahara’s eyes revealed a desperate look. He wanted to open his mouth to beg for mercy, but because he was using excessive force, he was unable to say a word. He can only helplessly watch as that hand slowly entered his chest and into his heart.

“Pa” lighter sound was heard when Lei Yin pulled his hand out from the middle-aged man’s chest, and the invisible force field around him suddenly disappeared. Then, Jiro Yamahara slowly fell to the ground, with face full of disbelief.

Crouching over touching the middle-aged man’s neck artery, Lei Yin determined that he was already dead, and then he stood up.

Since his rebirth to this body, this fight is the most exhausting one.

Overall, Jiro Yamahara has no great enmity with him, only mutual dislike. If Lei Yin was only by himself, no matter what kind of opponent, he would not care one bit. However, in order to prevent Jiro Yamahara from targeting his family or friends, he must, therefore, eliminate this potential witness.

For fear the previous gunshots would lead to other people coming here, Lei Yin immediately dragged this once-make the bullets stop in mid-air, middle-aged uncle’s body to the previous intersection.

There, he saw his two men driving a car coming to pick him up.

“Good evening, Mr. Gennai. This man is….” Two men in suits saw Lei Yin dragging a corpse, can not help but somewhat surprise.

“You two put him in the trunk, and take him away to dispose of later.” With that, Lei Yin put down Jiro Yamahara’s body and then walked toward Ji Teba’s hiding place.

After the two men looked at each other, they immediately lifted the body into the trunk.

“Ji Teba, it is alright now, you can come out.” Lei Yin used the Nepali language to call out against the dark.

After a while, a thin figure slowly came out, the still shaken Nepalese teenager.

“Those, those two men, what about them?” The teenager was afraid to look at the two men standing ten meters away in front of him.

“It is okay now, let us get away from here.” With that, Lei Yin dragged the corpse of Kamata backward toward the car.

The teenager nervously followed him.

After the two corpses had been placed inside the trunk, Lei Yin said to the two men: “You two take care of these two bodies carefully, remember never to let other people know. When you are done dealing with this corpses, take this kid to a safe place and let him have a good rest.”

“Yes, Mr. Gennai.”

“Yes, almost forgot, this kid may be implanted with a tracking device or something like that, you must first find a way to deactivate the device on his body before you take him to the safe place.”

“We will immediately call the expert to handle it. Please rest assured Mr. Gennai.”

Lei Yin nodded his head and then turned to the Nepalese teenager and said: “You go with them, they will take care of you. Within a day or two, I will go looking for you.”

“You do not come with me?” The teenager said nervously.

“No, I have to go back, or my friend would doubt me. Rest assured, they will take good care of you.” Lei Yin comforted him.

Although unwilling to leave his side, the teenager can only reluctantly get into the car.

After watching the car slowly drove away, Lei Yin lazily stretched his waist, and then slowly walked along the intersection.

Seemingly for a long time never wandering in the street, Lei Yin walked while thinking of things.

If he meets an opponent like Jiro Yamahara, he would be able to deal that one opponent with certainty. But if there are several of them coming at him at once, then it becomes more dangerous.

Although haste makes waste, in order to prevent one day being gang-up by Espers, he must think of a way to enhance his body’s internal force as soon as possible.

While Lei Yin was still walking, a taxi suddenly stopped in front of him.

Then, a long haired girl walked out from the taxi.

After carefully looking at Lei Yin for a while, that girl suddenly rushed over.

“Senpai, it is really you.” The girl said with a pleasant surprise.

Lei Yin, who was thinking of things, suddenly heard a familiar sound. He looked up and saw a girl wearing a light green dress standing in front of him. That girl is Rumi.

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