Awakening: Chapter 157-Backing

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When the Nepalese youth woke up, he saw Lei Yin standing with the two men and talking to them.

“You, you finally came.” The youth was pleasantly surprised, and immediately crawled out of the bed.

“How are you, is there any part of your body that feels uncomfortable?” Lei Yin turned to look at him.

The youth shook his head, “When did you arrive?”

“I just came, are you hungry? Let’s eat first.” Lei Yin received a lunch box from one of the men.

The youth hadn’t eaten all day, and he was really hungry. So, after opening the lunch box, he gobbled it all up.

“You two go outside, I have something to talk about with him.” Lei Yin said to the two men.

After saluting him, the two men left the room.

After waiting for him to finish eating, Lei Yin said to the youth: “Ji Teba, there is something I want to ask you.”

What is it?” The youth put down the teacup in his hand.

“Do you still remember what happened at noon?”

“I don’t remember.” The youth didn’t dare look at his eyes.

“Ji Teba, there are some things that can’t be resolved as long as it is buried. In your present situation, even if you return to Nepal, what use would it be?”

“I, I really don’t know what you’re saying?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember losing your mind. Also, don’t tell me that, that thing of yours is inborn.” Lei Yin suddenly tore off his clothes.

The youth suddenly screamed, and immediately jumped away from Lei Yin. Heading straight towards the bed, he covered his body with the bed sheet.

Seeing the youth looking at him with a very terrified look, Lei Yin didn’t stop and instead walked towards him.

Seeing that Lei Yin was getting closer to him, the youth shrunk his head like a wounded beast and started roaring loudly.

When Lei Yin was at his side, he instantly moved his finger towards several of his meridian, immediately stopping the youth’s squeals. Then, Lei Yin grasped his head with both of his hands to make him face him.

“You listen to me, you’ll only tell me the things that happened to you without excluding anything, I have a way to help you. Otherwise, you’ll never be a normal person again.” Lei Yin said loudly to him.

The youth was awed by how loud his voice was, and could only stare at him.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lei Yin continued: “You’ll have to believe me, maybe I can help you restore your original appearance.”

Hearing the words “Restore your original appearance”, the youth’s eyes revealed some anger.

He tried to speak with his mouth opened, but couldn’t say anything.

Seeing that he had something to say to him, Lei Yin immediately touched his meridians.

“You…you can really change me back to how I looked before?” Tears were streaming down the youth’s face, as he looked at Lei Yin.

“Although I can’t guarantee it, but I’ll help you with everything I have.”

The youth began to calm down, and the startled look in his eyes disappeared.

“My body can turn into this, it was created by those bad people.” The youth finally, slowly, began to talk.

“Are you referring to those people wearing white clothes?”

Hearing those men with white clothes, a frightened expression appeared was on Ji Teba’s face, and he then nodded.

After 10 minutes of telling his painful story, the youth collapsed on his knees as he tried to stand up.

“So, if you didn’t take the medicine they give you in a certain period of time, you’ll go mad?” Lei Yin asked.

“I’m not sure, I only know that if we don’t eat those pills, my body would sometimes become very hot, just like when you have fever. And then, at the time when I woke up, I had already become a mess, and my fingers, as wells as my lips, were bleeding. I think it’s due to my own doings.” The youth said with his head down.

“Then the hair on your body, did it also emerged after you were injected?”

The youth sorrowfully nodded, “I’ve tried to pull it out, but it would always grow back.”

“How many people did you run away with?”

“That night almost all the people there ran away, but many of those were gunned down, and died while trying to escape. So, those who had escaped shouldn’t be many. However, Brother Ye Bin had certainly successfully escaped, because he is a very intelligent person. I was together with him, but we soon separated because of the chaos.”

“Is, Brother Ye Bin, the person you said who was also Nepalese?”

“Yes, in there, not many were Nepal, in addition to me there were only five people.”

“Who were they? I mean, which country were the people there from?”

“There were seven or eight Vietnamese, more than 10 Chinese, and more than 20 Malaysian. There was also a man with golden hair, I’m guessing he may be American, but Brother Ye Bin said that foreigners looked, almost, all the same. So, even, he couldn’t guess which country the man was from.” With the gradually deepening conversation, the youth talked more and more smoothly.

Although his guess was about the same, but Lei Yin still felt uncomfortable in his heart.

It seemed those people, who were crazily being experimented, are some of the illegal immigrants smuggled into Japan, so they didn’t need to worry about where the body came from, nor did they fear that others would investigate it. But even illegal immigrants that are captured can’t be sent to the lab right away, without the assistance of the government officials, the darkness involved may be going much deeper than he had expected.

However, this matter unexpectedly involved people, regarding this, Lei Yin didn’t know, if he should step in and investigate the matter himself.

The reason being, just like how Jiro had thousands of reasons to die, was because if he stepped in to investigate, even if he was careful, there would still be a chance that his identity would be found. He wasn’t afraid of the people that were going to get him, but that they’ll move in towards his family or friends. This was something Lei Yin didn’t want to see. So, now he needed to find a man who can replace him, and with the use of the power of the Black Dragon behind him, he could conduct an investigation. And at the time he gets the evidence, he could then expose it all through someone.

‘An agent?’ A face suddenly emerged in Lei Yin’s mind.

Seeing Tsukada’s expression, as if he had just attended a funeral, several other police officers laughed gleefully.

“Let me guess, that snow woman scolded you, didn’t she?” Sanada Daisuke grasped his own chin, and asked.

Tsukuda then furiously threw the report, in his hand, onto the table, and then grumbled: “I wonder what that woman ate, recently she has been scolding me almost every day. If this is because she’s on her period, then this is just too long.”

“I had already reminded you, that recently her complexion looks very bad, probably because of a family matter. At this time, you should be careful not to make any mistakes, but you’re always so careless, you should know that she’d even notice little things like, when you read magazine during work.”

“I didn’t imagine that it would be this bad.” Tsukuda said with regret.

“But there’s something I just don’t understand, why does she tell you to investigate a college student named Gennai Masashi. This kid looks like he’s just an ordinary student, more importantly he doesn’t have any criminal record, it’s really strange.” Sanada Daisuke looked at the photos in the report, as he spoke.

“Who know what that woman is thinking. Perhaps she sees something in this guy. Or perhaps, she’s using the guise of work, for her own interest, and help her look up other….” Tsukuda wasn’t able to finish what he was saying, when Sanada Daisuke suddenly patted him hard.

“What?” Tsukuda was a little discontented for being interrupted, but he quickly knew the reason why he did that.

He saw Eiko Kotoshi wearing a black skirt, walking out of her office.

“Battalion Adviser, please take care.” All the police officers immediately saluted to her.

After all the police saluted, she said to them: “You can go back earlier.”


After going out of the criminal department, all of the police officers couldn’t help but relax.

“Why, why is she going early today, she usually works till late at night.” Sanada Daisuke felt it was strange.

“She probably has an appointment; didn’t you see the violet flowers sent for her downstairs?” Another police officer replied.

“I didn’t think that someone would pursue that woman. But why must they send her a violet flower instead of a red rose?”

“How would I know? But to be honest, that woman Eiko Kotoshi is actually pretty good. Out of all  the female officers in Tokyo, she’s the most beautiful one, she also had a deadly figure, unfortunately her character isn’t good. Alas.” Sanada Daisuke said while shaking his head.

Several other officers also felt the same, and nodded.



“Eiko, I want to talk to you about something.”  As she was eating, Sayaka Kotoshi suddenly said something to Eiko Kotoshi.

“What’s the matter?” Eiko Kotoshi raised her head, and looked at her mother.

The more than 40 year old Sayaka Kotoshi suddenly blushed, and after a moment, said: “Yesterday, Yaetera proposed to me, and I, I don’t know if I should accept or not.”

Hearing her mother’s words, Eiko Kotoshi’s face instantly sank.

“This kind of thing, you decide on your own. I’ve had enough.” With that, the police woman stood up, and walked to her room.

“Eiko….” Sayaka Kotoshi shouted at her, but the Eiko didn’t stop.

After seeing her daughter close the door, Sayaka Kotoshi was at a loss.

And at the same time, on the other side of the door, Eiko Kotoshi was also distressed.

Why mother, why would you marry that kind of unbearably rude man? The policewoman furiously threw the pillow on the ground.

Dad, if you don’t come back, my mother would no longer be your wife.

Eiko Kotoshi looked at the photo on top of her bed, staring at the photo inside the frame, there was a gentle man holding a baby. And next to him, was a young Sayaka Kotoshi.


Actually, deep down in heart, she had always sympathised with her mother for being alone for eight years. Eight entire years… How much of a woman’s life was eight years? A lot that’s how much.

Although she intellectually understood, but she just couldn’t accept her mother with another man, particularly a, huge, uneducate like Yaetera.

Although she urgently wanted to find her father’s whereabouts, but the recent investigation amount to nothing. Looking into the Police Department’s personnel file, she found that there weren’t many people that had the surname “Goyama”, but the total number of people who had that surname exceeded a hundred. After some screening, she only chose the people between the ages of 30 and 60, and then analyzed their information one by one. After that, she divided them once more, which resulted with only 30 people remaining. Among these thirty men, she carefully looked at their information, but she found that they weren’t actually in any especially suspicious place. Moreover, these people lived all across Japan, so it was impossible for her to track them one by one. As a result, her investigation reached a bottleneck.

She even suspected, that the person, whom her father talked to that year, “Goyama” may not at all be in those personnel files.

This wasn’t based on mere speculation, and as far as she knew, from the personnel file in the police force, although it was the most detailed registration system of the population, but that was only the case for public people. For those in high position, it would be nearly impossible to find any information of them.

After so many years, the so-called “Goyama” the chance that he had achieved a higher social class, was very likely.

She urgently wanted to know the truth, but she couldn’t find a single clue, feeling that she was powerless, she felt irritated.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be a police women, but rather run for congress, maybe that would give me access to some inside information. Eiko Kotoshi self-depreciatingly thought.

At this time, she suddenly remembered something, and then took out a card from her pocket.

This card was with the ribbon wrapped around the violet flower sent to her today.

At first, she thought that the flowers were sent to her by one of the men pursuing her, but now that she looked at it, that was an unlikely case. Because there was nothing written on the card, except for an email address. After she asked the person responsible for delivering the flower, she only got to know that the person was a man wearing a suit and sunglasses, so the man wasn’t able to see that man’s appearance.

Seeing that the end of the email address was “”, she immediately sat on her chair, and turned on her computer.

After opening the computer, she opened MSN, and logged into her email account, and then searched the email address written on the card.

After some searching, she soon found the email-address.

She found that the person using the email address was online, so she put his email address in her MSN.

Haven’t been added for a long time, the other person suddenly sent over a message: I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.

Who are you? Eiko Kotoshi replied.

I won’t tell you, but that’s not the point. The point is, I have the information you need.

What information?

About your investigation regarding that monster.

Seeing these words, the policewoman’s heart quickly jumped.

Who are you really? The policewoman typed the same thing, she just did earlier.

I have already said that’s not the main point. If you don’t believe me, then just act as though you don’t know my existence.

Well, I believe you. The policewoman was afraid that he would log out, so she had immediately replied.

To be honest, I don’t have too much data at hand right now, but I know from where that monster came from. In addition, I will continue tracking down who is the head behind the scenes. In the future if I get more information, I will continue communicating with you through MSN. Now, I’ll only tell you once, but in order to not be detected, I want you to read it quickly, and immediately delete it, in addition to that, the card must be immediately destroyed.

I promise you that. Please tell me quickly. Eiko Kotoshi’s heart started beating faster and faster.

An hour later, the mysterious man responded to the policewoman’s question, and logged off of MSN.

And only then, Eiko Kotoshi finally loosened her left hand which was making a fist that was full of sweat.

Although, she has some doubts about the mysterious person, but her hunch said that what the person said was all true.

Thinking of that, Eiko Kotoshi immediately deleted the message, and after remembering his email address, she burnt the card.

She suddenly felt that she had a strong backing. Making Eiko Kotoshi feel her body lighter, the sense of oppression, that she didn’t know when had started, had been reduced by half.

What kind of person is that fellow?

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