Awakening: Chapter 158-Injury

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After closing the laptop with his hand, Lei Yin walked to the living room.

Seeing the half lying on the couch already asleep Naoko, he smiled slightly.

After turning off the television, he went to the sofa next to her and sat down, enjoying her tranquil and serene sleeping appearance.

The delicate and beautiful features, the crystal clear and transparent comparable to finest white jade, slightly pink color of the skin, constituted a completely without-the-need-for-makeup-already-enough-to-excite stunning face.

The few beautiful strands of jet-black and bright long hair can not conceal her slender snow-white neck. In contrast to the average size of Asian women, her not even inferior to the European and American female impressive twin peaks fluctuated up and down along with her regular breathing.

Behind that loose nightdress hem, a pair of white and slender, causing breathing to stop, perfect leg line were revealed to him. And at the bottom of that pair of slender, beautiful legs, there is a pair of exquisite delicacy, making one unable to bear but want to hold that jade feet in the hands, to carefully appreciate.

Looking at that half lying on the sofa the completely ripe outstandingly beautiful stunner, Lei Yin felt a fire started to burn in his heart.

Did not have the heart to wake her up, Lei Yin adjusted her breathing, and then carefully lifted her up.

Although his action was very light, the sleeping beauty still woke up.

“Lei.” Naoko rubbed her sleepy eyes with the back of her hand.

“I am sorry, for waking you up.” Lei Yin lowered his head and kissed her on the cheek.

Naoko shook her head, “Just unwittingly fell asleep. Have you finished using the computer?”

“Yes. Told you not to wait for me, really do not know what to do with you.” Lei Yin discovered that the just awakened Naoko has the usually can not be seen seductive appearance.

“People just want to wait for you.” Naoko held his neck like a pampered little girl.

Lei Yin smiled, and could not help but lean forward to kiss her luscious red lips.

The sleeping beauty with a slight moaning voice gently responded.

After turning the light off, Lei Yin held her as he walked into the room. Seemingly knew what was going to happen next, Naoko’s body suddenly became very hot and then very shyly buried her head in his arms.

After placing Naoko down, Lei Yin followed to crawl up to sit back on the bed, and then picked her up in his arms.

“What did the doctor say in today’s follow-up appointment?” Lei Yin asked while slowly stroking her hair.

“She said I am in a stable condition, and no sign of any deterioration of the heart, so do not worry about it.” Naoko affectionately stroked her lover’s face.

“Going to the hospital for a follow-up is such a big thing, you should notify me to go with you. In short, in the future, no matter what happens, be sure to let me know, you know?”

“Em, I know.” She very meekly complied, head leaning on his arms.

After a while, Naoko, as if she was dreaming, whispered: “Lei, I beg you, no matter happens, do not leave me okay?”

“Fool, how all of a sudden say that? Do not let your imagination run wild.”

“I know I am silly, maybe it is because I am too happy, so I am more and more afraid to lose you.”

“Never, I promise you.” Lei Yin full of love and affection kissed her on the forehead.

“Lei, you will spoil me.” Naoko foolishly gazed at her.

“Fool.” Lei Yin smiled and gave her a kiss.

“Lei….” Her mood surging up, Naoko could no longer restrain herself, clinging to him. Really did not know how to love him, she wished she could be dissolved into his body, becoming a part of him.

After cuddling for a while, Lei Yin held her elegant jade foot and played with it.

Even after experiencing countless centuries, Lei Yin rarely saw such a perfect woman like Naoko.

First, regardless of her gentle and submissive personality, her appearance alone is enough to make most of the women feel envy and jealous.

As long as it is a normal man, he believes no one can resist the charm of dressing up or in a miniskirt Naoko which can almost poison people’s mind.

If a man sees her directly, he would first be attracted to her erect and protruding chest as well as her slender legs, and then her beautiful face. But if it is from behind or the side, the men’s first line of sight is usually focused on her feet.

Slender and rounded thighs, the beautiful line of the lower legs, the thick fiber suitable for leg ankles, and then the white as jade beautiful feet. If coupled with a pair of narrow high-heeled shoes, it can absolutely cause all men horny in a matter of seconds.

Lei Yin did not have foot fetish, but he also unable to put her foot down.

Although Lei Yin is a man who experienced the era of female foot-binding, in his view, the foot-binding kind of thing is really devastating to woman’s mental and physical state.

Though Naoko did not bind her feet, they seemed to be very slim and lovely. There are no calluses, no sharp nails, and no deformation of toes. Only, like the other places, delicate skin, clean, smooth, and wonderful to touch, as well as toenails that exude a pearl-like shiny light.

Knowing that he liked to play with her feet, Naoko tried very hard to maintain her feet. Usually tried not to use a tight, high-heeled shoes, everyday after the bath maintained her thigh and feet with moisturizer, and then tried to take time each day to go to the gymnastic class. In addition, she also participated in cooking classes to learn to cook new dishes. She did everything, just to let her beloved man happy. These were all known to Lei Yin, therefore toward this stunner who always tries so hard to please him, his heart is filled with pity.

Could not help but also hold her other leg with his hands to slowly appreciate it, Lei Yin lowered his head to kiss the beautiful jade’s eyes in his bosom.

“Naoko, you are so beautiful. If there are angels in this world, I think you are one of them.”

“Since when….did you become a liar?” Naoko coquettishly looked at him, her breathing became rapid.

“Fool, I am telling the truth.” Lei Yin lifted one of her jade foot to his lips and kissed it. There was no unusual smell, just a touch of moisturizer fragrance.

“No….it is so dirty there….” Naoko uncontrollably called out, her cheeks appeared like the alluring peach blossom, and her watery eyes were looking at him.

Seeing her passion surged up, Lei Yin’s left hand continued to play with her feet, his right hand slowly stretched out along her jade-white leg into the inside of her nightdress.

Feeling the thin layer of cotton was wet, Lei Yin whispered in her ear: “You know, I am just touching your feet, but it has already turned you on like this.”

“Hateful….do not say that.” Naoko’s breathing was getting heavier, at this time she started to feel her physique became excessively sensitive, as well as feeling endlessly ashamed and angry.

Lei Yin suddenly remembered something, so he leaned close to her ear and said: “Let you try something new.” With that, he gathered his internal force into his right hand, and then lightly delivered it out through his hand, slowly stimulating the sensitive spot on her genital with his internal force.

Soon, Naoko felt a faint trace of familiar warm-water-like air current constantly invading her like a snake.

“What….how….” After a while, never experiencing this fantastic pleasure constantly escalating and spreading throughout her body, Naoko felt she was about to collapse.

After she adapted to the low-level stimulation flow, Lei Yin slowly increased the stimulation flow rate on her sensitive spot.

Before long, Naoko thought she was going to go crazy. This kind of infinitely increasing pleasurable sensation made her uncontrollably groaned, the sound was also getting more and more loud. For a time, the entire room echoed with the moan of a mature woman which can make anyone blush and increase heartbeat.

“Lei….” Naoko almost whiningly called out a name.

“Do you want it?”

Naoko full of shame nodded her head, and then looked at him with pleading eyes.

“What do you want?” Lei Yin while continued to stimulate with his internal force, his right hand also began to rapidly fiddle.

Naoko suddenly uttered a sad call like a wounded reindeer.

“Lei….do not….bully me like this….” Being stimulated in various ways, Naoko’s naturally sensitive physique could no longer withstand the stimulation and cried.

Did not have the heart to continue to tease her, Lei Yin tenderly kissed away the tears in her eyes. And then gently pulled off her nightdress as well as pulling down the completely soaking wet cotton panties.

“Lei….” Naoko, with her perfectly delicate naked body, looked at her absentmindedly with teary eyes.

“Sweetheart, relax.” Lei Yin kissed her red lips and then switched off the desk lamp. His hands began to walk forward slowly, gently teasing her.

Soon, the darkness once again echoed the uncontrollable delicate moan of Naoko.


In the morning, the half asleep half awake Naoko subconsciously hugged to the side, but only caught empty air.

‘He is gone?’ Naoko felt very lost looking at the empty pillow.

However, when she heard the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom, she smiled.

She put out her hand to prop up her body but found out her body did not have even a little bit of strength. Slightly pulled up the bed cover to look inside, she saw above the bed sheet was a mess, her whole face immediately blushed.

Although they have not seen each other for several days, the bad guy really went too far last night. If not for her continuous plead, she would not know when it would end.

Naoko bashfully breathed his smell on the pillow happily.

After a while, the rushing water stopped. Knowing that he will soon come out, Naoko did not know how to face him, and had to close her eyes pretending to sleep.

Lei Yin with a faint scent of shower gel walked to the bedside and sat down. Watching her, in spite of everything, blushing face, he felt at peace. When hearing Naoko’s sometimes slow sometimes fast breathing, Lei Yin knew she was awake.

Gently smiled, like last night, he hugged her in his arms

“Fool, when are you going to stop pretending still asleep?” Lei Yin said with a smile in her ear.

“How did you know?” Naoko whispered with a flushed face.

“By listening to your breathing.” Really loved her shy look, Lei Yin could not help but try to kiss her.

“No, I have not brush my teeth.” Naoko slightly turned her head to the side.

“Fool, I am not afraid of that, what are you afraid of.”

“No, so dirty.” Naoko pleaded.

“Really do not know what to do with you, want to take a shower together?” Lei Yin’s hand slowly stroked her smooth upturned ass.

“But had not you just washed?” Naoko’s breathing started to become rapid.

“Just now I washed myself, but now I help you wash, how is it the same?” Lei Yin smiled evilly.

“Bad guy….” Being hugged in his arms to stand up, Naoko charmingly beat his chest.

After having the lunch, watching Naoko fully absorbed in cutting the Pear from the side, Lei Yin had the feeling of appreciating a beautiful painting. But he believed no one’s work is better than what he had right now.

“You really do not need me to stay with you?” After she cut the fruit, Lei Yin rubbed her face with his left hand.

Naoko shook her head, then gently smiled and said: “You still have classes, and your college is too far away from here. It is enough if you can come to see me every week.”

“Putting off such a beautiful fiancee to read those outdated textbooks, no matter what benefit is there, is just too silly. Therefore, from now on, I will often come to see you. Do not worry, I will try to slow down a little bit.” Lei Yin put her index finger into his mouth and gently bit it.

Naoko laid down sideways to put her head on his lap and then looked at his face in a daze.

“Lei, why are you so good to me?”

“You are really a fool.” Lei Yin bowed his head to suck away her tears.


When Lei Yin returned to the college, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon.

This was no problem for the completely serious in skipping classes Lei Yin, but the dinner is going to be in an hour.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang. He looked at the numbers shown above and then received the call.

“Takeda is it?”

“Bastard, where have you been? Why is your phone always off, what do you think your phone is for? I have been looking for you all day.” Takeda yelled on the phone.

Because he didn’t want to be disturbed, Lei Yin had a habit of shutting off his phone whenever he meets with Naoko. The complaint of the angry youth was just a wind blow to him.

“Say it, what happened? Do not tell me you look for me just to find someone to take you to dinner.” Lei Yin said as he yawned.

“Assh*le, this is about your sister. Your sister was injured, and now she is in the college’s infirmary.”

“Where are you? I will be right there.” Lei Yin immediately ran to the clinic while talking on the phone.

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