Awakening: Chapter 159-Reason Things Out

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Under the fluttering light music in a cafe, a pair of man and woman seemed to be talking. However, at this moment, the face of that seemingly 30-something years of age man appeared to be bitter.

“Eiko, your request for me this time is really difficult to do.” The Inspector Police Officer Watanabe frowned, unconsciously used a spoon to stir the cup of coffee before him.

“Since you do not want to help, then just forget what I just said.” With that, the female police stood up and walked to the counter. She always has this habit of going Dutch.

“Eiko, wait a minute, that is not what I mean. Sit down for a minute okay?” Watanabe Muramasa immediately stopped her.

If this was just a typical case, Eiko Kotoshi would never consider of staying. But this matter is important, after taking a glance at the man in front of her, she finally sat back to her seat.

“You are still so impulsive. I am not saying I would not help you, at most, after I go back, I will ask my uncle, who worked in the National Archives  for two years to help you find what you are looking for.” Inspector Police Officer Watanabe somewhat reluctantly said.

After getting a call from her last night, Watanabe was thrilled, thinking that she finally figured it out, ready to accept him. Although on the phone, she was just asking him out for a talk, he fell into men’s common wishful thinking, thinking that she was just finding an excuse to take the initiative to go out with him. Now he knew she really has something that needed his help. If this was just a regular request, no matter what the request from the beauty was, he would go all out to help her. But her request was very troublesome.

Hearing that he was willing to help, Eiko Kotoshi smiled, “Thank you, Mr. Watanabe.”

Watanabe Muramasa just stared at her rare smile. He could not think that this usually impassive-look snow women has such a moving smile. Sometimes he himself does not understand, a thirty years old police officer with a bright future like him has met with not a few women, but he has always been obsessed with this woman, feeling like the first love of a high school student.

After failing to react, to cover up his gaffe, Watanabe Muramasa asked: “Eiko, why do you want to investigate this man name ‘Goyama,’ can’t you find him inside the police personnel file system?”

“I tried to find in the personnel file system, but did not find what I was looking for. Otherwise, I would not have to trouble you.”

Watanabe Muramasa also knew about the inside of the Police Department’s Personnel File System, so her answer did not surprise him.

“You are too kind. Your business is my business, and I will certainly do my best to help you.”

“Thank you very much. If there are any results, please let me know as soon as possible.” Regarding Watanabe Muramasa’s words that almost implied a confession, Eiko Kotoshi pretended not to understand.

Looking at her calm expression, Watanabe Muramasa could not help but become a bit discouraged. But he immediately perked up, pulling out two movie tickets from his body.

“Eiko, before I came, I bought two tickets. I heard from the review that this film is incredible, let us go look at it after this.”

Looking at the two movie tickets that were placed on the table by Watanabe Muramasa, Eiko Kotoshi frowned.

“Okay then.” After considering for a moment, the female police finally nodded. After all, she just asked other people for help, so now is not the right time to reject. Thus, it can be seen that Eiko Kotoshi is not an ungrateful woman.

Seeing her agreed to his invitation, Watanabe Muramasa was jubilant.

“Mr. Watanabe, do you usually play with MSN?” Eiko Kotoshi looked at him and suddenly asked a sentence.

“What, SN?” Only caught the last two letters, Watanabe Muramasa almost spurted out the coffee in his mouth.

“It is MSN, forget it, just pretend I did not say it.”

‘It seems like he is not that person,’ Eiko Kotoshi thought in her mind.


Teikyo University is a private school, so the facilities inside are quite perfect. Even the clinic is much bigger than the average University, looking like a mini hospital.

At the moment in a health care room, two women were talking.

“You should not have told my brother about this.” Kazumi sighed.

“Why?” Take Asasei curiously asked.

“If he knows, there will certainly be chaos.”

“You mean….”

Before she finished, the sound of knocking suddenly came from the door.

Take Asasei quickly stood up to open the door.

Opening the door, she saw the somewhat sweating on the forehead Lei Yin standing outside.

“Is Kazumi inside?” Seeing his sister’s classmate, Lei Yin immediately asked.

“She is inside.” Take Asasei moved aside to let him in.

Lei Yin walked in and, sure enough, he saw Kazumi laying on the bed. Her foot was covered with a white gauze.

“Kazumi, what happened to you?” Lei Yin came to her bedside and asked.

“Brother, I am fine, do not worry,” Kazumi said with a smile.

“What did the doctor say? The injury is serious or not?”

“The school nurse said my foot just has an ordinary muscle sprain, in a few days, it would be fine.”

Hearing her saying that, Lei Yin felt much relieved. He now noticed that not only her foot but even her arms also have several band-aids.

“How did you get injured?” Lei Yin sat down on a chair by the bedside.

“I just accidentally tripped over.”

“Is it true?”

“Of course, it is true, why would I lie to you?”

Lei Yin did not say anything, just looked at her eyes. After a while, he suddenly said: “Kazumi, you are not a careless person, you are lying.”

“How could I, do not randomly guess.” Kazumi’s heart was a bit surprise, immediately pretended to be angry and turned her head to the other side.

Seeing her reaction, Lei Yin suddenly looked back and said to Take Asasei: “Which bastard did this?”

“It is Okada from the Basketball Club….ah!” As soon as she said these words, Take Asasei immediately covered her mouth, but it was too late.

Lei Yin smiled, ‘a mere child only.’

“Kazumi, you rest here, I will go outside with your classmate for a talk.” With that, without waiting for her reply, he grabbed Take Asasei’s hand and walked outside.

He dragged away Take Asasei in order to save the face of her friend lying on the bed, but Kazumi in addition to being anxious has no other thought.

Because Lei Yin’s legs were relatively long and his movement was fast, after being dragged out of the waiting room, Take Asasei started to feel a bit behind.

“Kazumi’s brother, do not walk so fast, other people can not keep up.” Take Asasei piteously said.

“Just walking a few steps and you are already said tired, if you go on like this, before you reach 30 years old, you will start to gain weight.”

‘What the.’ Take Asase glared at him from behind.

Lei Yin did not slow down. After pulling her to the balcony, he finally came to a halt.

“Okay, now tell me exactly what happened.” Lei Yin did not wait for her to finish catching her breath, directly asked.

“I, I can not say it, otherwise, Kazumi will scold me.” Take Asasei slowly said.

“If you do not say it, I will now scold you, moreover, I will also curse you.”

Being taken by his momentum, Take Asasei began to feel miserable, ‘how could there be such a siblings.’

“I will say it.” She eventually gave in.

After saying a few words at the beginning, Take Asasei’s words began to flow smoothly, and finally, if Lei Yin did not stop her, she would not know where to stop.

“So, the man named Okada deliberately shoved Kazumi down?” Lei Yin thought for a moment before he said.

“Of course, otherwise on such a wide staircase, and at the time no other people, how could he had a difficulty to walk and actually push Kazumi to the side? Moreover, after knocking down Kazumi, he did not even say sorry, but immediately walked away. I have never seen such an excessive man, although I previously often go to see him play.” Take Asasei became more and more angry.

“Thank you for notifying Takeda that Kazumi was injured, otherwise, I would not know this thing.” After a while, Lei Yin said to her.

“You are welcome, I was just scolded by Kazumi for being meddlesome. So, what are you going to do now?” She was a faithful reader of campus magazine, therefore, for Kazumi’s brother legend of terror, she also often heard.

“I will deal with this matter. You can go back now, I want to make a phone call.” Lei Yin has no intention to satisfy her curiosity.

Although she has this unprecedented enthusiasm of gossip, she has no choice but unwillingly leave the balcony.

After this somewhat noisy girl walked away, Lei Yin took out his mobile phone to dial a number.

“Hey, Takeda is it?”

“I just saw my sister, she is all right, just having a bit of ankle sprain. I will not speak of this, I have something to ask you, do you know Okada from the Basketball Club?”

After a while, Lei Yin returned back to the health center and said to Kazumi: “I will send you back now, your foot is injured, you need to rest in the apartment these few days, do not attend the class.”

“But…” Kazumi hesitated.

“This is just for a few days, it will not have any effect on you. With your grades, you just need to read textbooks and take notes and you will be fine.”

“I am not like someone who can pass through the University Entrance Exam even after skipping classes almost everyday. I am just an ordinary people.” Kazumi grinningly said.

“Come on, ordinary people.” Lei Yin scolded as he arrived by the bedside to hug her up.

“No, I can walk by myself.” Seeing his action, Kazumi immediately loudly said in shame.

“Excuse me, how can you walk right now. I am your older brother, why would I want to eat your beancurd (take advantage)?” Lei Yin carelessly said.

“But it is too unsightly.” Kazumi continued to protest.

“If you close your eyes, will you be able to see it?”

“I mean other people will see it.”

“Even if someone else see you, you are still covered in clothes.”

“In short, I do not want to.”

“Wow, there is a flying saucer outside.” Lei Yin suddenly pointed outside the window and yelled.

“Please, do not treat my like a child okay.” Kazumi somewhat weakly said.

Since the lie did not work, Lei Yin had to use the hard way. Therefore, he ignored the struggling Kazumi, and hugged the girl up from the health care bed like a rogue with evil intention.

“Bastard, quickly put me down.” Kazumi angrily called out in shame.

“Go on, shout as you like, best to shout a bit louder. Even if you shout indecent assault, that’s okay, in any case, I do not care.” Lei Yin still held the struggling girl as he walked to the door.

Kazumi has no other method to deal with this super thick skin guy, for fear that she would attract other people’s attention, she had to give up her struggle, letting him hold her as her face went red.

From the beginning of their quarrel, Take Asasei had been dumbfoundedly looking at this quirky brother and sister. After Lei Yin brought her best friend out of the room, she immediately followed them. At this time, she suddenly felt it would be good if she had a brother.

Fortunately, Kazumi and Take did not rent the apartment that is too far from the campus, otherwise, Kazumi would not know how to survive being hugged as they walked on the road like that.

After putting her sister on the bed, Lei Yin said to her: “I will get the meals for you here, you just need to rest, I will call you later. I am going now.”

“Brother, you must not act recklessly.” After being together for a long time, Kazumi began to understand his somewhat vindictive temperament.

“Rest assured, I will not do anything reckless. You should be very clear, I am someone who is very reasonable. Do not say too much, I am leaving.” After patting her sister’s head, he walked out of the room.

“Hey, remember, do not be reckless.” Just before he left, Kazumi showed her doubtful look.

When Lei Yin returned to the campus, most of the students have already finished with their classes.

But there was still a very lively place, and that was the campus Basketball Club.

Because the Basketball Club in Teikyo University is quite famous. Every year they would participate in the National College Basketball Championship, and achieved great success. In the Basketball Club there were many tall and handsome players, which attracted a large number of students, especially the attention of the female students. Therefore, almost everyday after the class, a lot of people go to the Basketball Club to watch them practice or having a match.

Moreover, the girls would set up a fan club for some of the players. Usually, when there was a big match they would unfurl a large banner to cheer for support.

And Akio Okada is one of outstanding player who is sought after by numerous girls.

He was now a second-year student, height 1.85 meter, moderate weight, handsome look, and also sported a long hair which can make girls scream. Due to his incredible skill in Basketball, he was usually responsible for the center position.

Teikyo University Basketball Club has an indoor basketball court. In addition to the sidelines, on the second floor of the building, there was also a ring with fence designed for the audience to watch the game.

When Lei Yin opened the Basketball Club door, he saw the basketball club members were doing dribbling or shooting practice. Though the practice was so monotonous, on the sidelines and on the second floor, there were still many students watching them practice with relish, in which the majority of them were female students.

“Is Akio Okada here?” Lei Yin walked to the sidelines and asked the female who seemed to be the manager.

“He is doing the shooting practice there, why are you looking for him?” The female manager somewhat strangely asked.

“He is the one wearing number 5 jersey right?” Lei Yin pointed to the opposite court where a male student was doing a shooting practice.

“Yes. Please….”

Before she finished, she saw the man suddenly went to Akio Okada.

Lei Yin arrived at the number 5 player with a long hair. Akio Okada was doing practice, and had not realized someone approaching him.

“Hei, you are not allowed to wear leather shoes on the court.” A player saw Lei Yin and loudly called out.

Akio Okada heard this voice, turned around and looked, but he suddenly saw someone standing behind him.

“Who are you?” Akio Okada somewhat discontentedly looked at the man who was staring at him.

“Are you Akio Okada?”

“Yes, what do you want?” Akio Okada felt that the man’s tone was a little unfriendly.

“Then good.” With that, Lei Yin suddenly grabbed him by the neck.

Akio Okada suddenly felt like being gripped by a pincer.

“Hey, what are you doing?” The loud player who called Lei Yin just now came running at him.

Taking a glance at that noisy person, Lei Yin dismissively said: “I am here to kick someone’s ass, so back off.”

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