Awakening: Chapter 160 (2)-BACK OFF!

Chapter 160 Part 2


He was 1.86 meters tall, possessing a handsome look, he had also kept his hair quite long, the female students called Okada Akio [The Prince of Basketball], but contrary to the name he still couldn’t score a single basket.


Any person who watched Okada Akio’s basketball game wouldn’t think that he was lacking and instead think of him as an outstanding player.


However, such a well-respected player was unexpectedly unable to score a single point in this game, people could hardly believe what they were seeing.


However, this unimaginable scene was actually really happening in front of their eyes.

Everyone could see, that so long as the man was holding the ball, Okada Akio wouldn’t be able to successfully steal the ball away from the guy.


If Okada Akio were to stand on guard at the restricted area or the three-point line, that person like before, would stand outside the three-point line or at the middle of the court, and accurately shoot the ball as if it was done with magic.


And when he’s in front of Okada Akio, he would simply feint and with amazing speed attempt break through the basketball club’s elite, in a very relaxed and quirky way, and then going straight to the bottom of the basket, he would shoot the ball and without a doubt go in the basket. His action was so enchanting, making every person who knew about basketball have a kind of emotional feeling.


It was now Okada Akio’s turn to attack.


Okada Akio wasn’t a three-point shooter, he was a player who was good at breaking through the bottom of the basket, that’s why he didn’t dare to shoot the ball at the three-point like just like Lei Yin. If the guy accidentally caught the ball, he absolutely didn’t have the confidence to steal the ball away from him. The several plays before had totally extinguish his self-confidence. So he could only try to block Lei Yin, and then breakthrough the bottom of the basket to shoot the ball.

However, not once could he do it.


He didn’t know why, but so long as the person was in front of him, without knowing when, the ball he was holding would suddenly disappear and appear in the other guy’s hand.


Feint, steal, block, he tried everything he knew, but the result was still the same. He still couldn’t figure out when the guy had snatched the ball from him, he couldn’t even see when the ball had disappeared from his hand.


After the ball was stolen from his hands once again, Okada Akio helplessly looked at the guy making another basket.


He wanted to go back, but was too tired to move any further.


He didn’t think that just one game would be so tiring. Without any team-mate to pass the ball to, be it offensive or defensive, he had to do everything on his own. In just less than 10 minutes, he had to constantly run back and forth in the basketball court.


If it was just running he would have still been fine, but he felt pain as he was frustrated in himself who is unable to beat the guy, this frustration made him feel more and more tired. He didn’t know whether it was because he was too tired, but Okada Akio had a feeling that he was just having a dream and everything that was happening wasn’t’ real.


From the very beginning, the entire basketball court had been very quiet, one could only hear the sound of the ball hitting the floor and sound of the two players running, as well as the sound of the audience at the second floor of the basketball court, Okada Akio was running out of breath, unceasingly gasping for air just like a person with asthma.


Perhaps, this really is a dream, how could there be such a monster like this exist. Okada Akio smiled somewhat nervously, and had completely forgotten that it was his turn to attack.


“Okada, pull yourself together.” Coach Tanimura loudly called out at the side.


Hearing his coach’s voice, Okada Akio immediately woke up.


Dead old man, because of your stupid proposition the matter had turned into this. Okada Akio glared at Coach Tanimura filled with hatred, he then picked up the ball from the ground.


“Unfortunately, I only need one more basket. It seems like you have no more chances.”


Hearing what Lei Yin had said, Okada Akio’s heart tightened.  The game’s almost done?

He looked up and looked around the audience, and discovered them looking at him with an expression he had never seen before.


Bastards, I don’t need your sympathy. After reading their eyes, he immediately understood what they were thinking, making Okada Akio almost crazy.


Gennai Masashi, I won’t let you feel any better. Returning his focus towards the guy, Okada Akio immediately rushed towards him, as he dribbled the ball while he run past him.


At this time, this was the only idea that could occur to him, since running through him wasn’t going to work, then he could just run over him. And if he doesn’t get out of the way, he would get injured because Okada Akio’s height advantage.


Looking at the No.5 player running straight towards him, Lei Yin didn’t move. When Okada Akio was half a meter away from him, Lei Yin made a move, taking a step to the side he moved out of the way, and then with his hands he shoved the ball and grasped it. In the eyes of experts, this kind of plan was flawed, and was tantamount to death.


“Bastard!” Okada Akio realized that the ball was taken away from him yet again, he quickly run to catch up with him. He refused to lose, and would even make a foul just to stop him.


Suddenly, he discovered Lei Yin looked behind sneering at him. At this moment, they still didn’t know that they would see an incredible sight.


From the two-point line, they saw Lei Yin suddenly jump, Okada Akio had never seen anyone jump so high. He then saw the man with the ball in his hand dunk the ball straight into the basket.

“Peng!” After the loud noise, everyone felt that there never was cut off.


The audience went quiet, one could only hear the sound of the ball continuously bouncing on the floor.


In this silence, Lei Yin suddenly picked up the ball.


“Okada Akio.”


Hearing his name, Okada Akio subconsciously looked towards the direction of the sound.

But just when he looked over to his direction of the sound, he noticed a circular object flying towards. When he had reacted, it was already too late for him to dodge.


*Pow* Okada Akio’s face that made a lot of girls fascinated, was severely hit by the ball, as he felt an intense pain on his face.


“What do you want?” The first to react was the basketball captain, who had immediately come out and went in front of Lei Yin.


“Can’t you see? I don’t mind demonstrating again.” Lei Yin shrugged.


“You’ve gone too far, you’ve already won, what do you still want?” The basketball captain was angry.


“I won, so I have the right to do this. Don’t forget about the proposition that the coach said before.”

“But I also said that you’re not allowed to make trouble here.” Coach Tanimura said as he was taking care of Okada Akio.


“Excuse me, I forgot.” With that, Lei Yin walked towards Okada Akio who was lying on the ground, clutching his nose as he left.


“If you dare do it again, don’t blame me for being impolite.” The basketball captain shouted.


“I don’t know when you have even been polite to me.” Lei Yin glared at him, and quickly moved forward.