Awakening: Chapter 161-Intervene

“Are you Eiko Kotoshi?” In the building’s parking lot, four men suddenly stopped the policewoman, and then the man, who looked like a snake, asked with not a kind tone.

“Who are you?” The policewoman coldly looked at the people who were encircling her.

“We’re from the public security. There’s a case that requires you to go back and make a record.” One of the men took out a black document from his breast pocket, and showed it to her.

The Japanese Police, also called the public security police, were said to be police that was generally different, they weren’t covered by the Japanese National Police Agency or Japanese National Police supervision, but were under the “Japanese national public safety commission.” The commission belonged to the government, their power and authority was much higher than that of the normal police. They were a larger organization that has authority to supervise or direct a normal police. Its responsibility was to enforce National Security Policy, and coordinate with the National Police Agency in regards to wide-area criminal cases.

Eiko Kotoshi sneered: “I don’t know any case that would need Public Security to take action. Moreover, investigating cases shouldn’t be the responsibility of the National Police Agency?”

“You don’t need to know that, please go with us right now.”

“What if I don’t go with you?”

“You have no other choice in the matter.”

“It seems like this isn’t just as simple as making a record. In that case, I would like to see an arrest warrant.”

“This time we’re carrying out an official business, so we don’t require any arrest warrant. Please immediately follow us, don’t force us to use violence.” The man suddenly grabbed the police woman’s arms.

“Let me go, I’ll go with you.” Eiko Kotoshi looked at him in disgust.

“That’s for the best.” Even though the man had said that, he still didn’t let go of her.

When Eiko ,along with the men, stopped at the side of a car, she then turned towards her left and suddenly shouted loudly: “Ikeyama-san, save me quickly.”

The men, subconsciously, looked over to the left.

“Ah, this lowly woman.” At this moment, the man who was grabbing the Eiko’s arm, suddenly, pitifully shouted.

The beauty Eiko Kotoshi had simply stepped on his feet with her High Heels.

The other three men had no time to look at their companion’s injury, as they immediately pursued the woman who had already ran several meters away from them.

Although, her job was only sitting down at the office and writing a report and hold meetings that were only talking about nonsense, but she for a long time as well had forged herself, making her physical capability not inferior to professional groups, who do investigations as well as, running around frequently, carrying out different task. Assuming of course, she wasn’t wearing any high-heeled shoes.

After running for more than 50 meters, Eiko Kotoshi began to curse the person who had invented high-heels in her heart.

She looked behind her and saw the three men, chasing after her, and were getting closer. She swore in her heart that if she could get out of this, she would buy some illegal guns from a black market.

It wasn’t as ordinary people had thought, that police always have a gun with them every day for 24 hours. Actually, when they carry out tasks, they need permission before they could bring a gun, and those police would then have to pass the gun to the police covering the next shift, and later they must return the gun to the police authorities. But because of the last few vampire incidents, they were given an exception. Due to the randomness of the case, those, that were investigating as well as those high-ranked members not on duty were specifically allowed to have a gun at all times.

Although, Eiko Kotoshi was a black belt in Judo as well as Karate, but she couldn’t handle simultaneously fighting with those three men. If those three men were really well-trained public security police, even if it was only one of them, she wouldn’t be a match and she will be captured with ease. However, she knew that if they were to catch up to her, the only thing she could do was to fiercely struggle.

When Eiko Kotoshi found a chance, she quickly stopped and went towards the man nearest to her. When all of a sudden, a white sedan with great speed stopped in front of Eiko Kotoshi.

Seeing that a white sedan appeared in front of the woman, the three men’s complexion immediately changed.

“Quickly get in.” A man who sat at the back seat opened the door, and loudly called out to Eiko Kotoshi.

Although, she saw the three men, sitting in the car with sunglasses, had appeared to help her, Eiko Kotoshi still couldn’t help but be vigilant, as she had already been provoked by the four men claiming to be Public Security, that made her unable to trust anyone suspicious at the moment.

Totally ignoring the man’s cries, she ran towards the car park’s exit.

The man, who had asked her to get in, had no way to stop her. Instead, He had to tell the driver to chase after her.

The four men claiming to be Public Security, had already experienced that , also ran to their own car.

After, Eiko Kotoshi ran out of the parking lot, she immediately went to the center square where there were people nearby. She believed that so long as she could get into the middle of the crowd, she should be able to get rid of these people.

At this moment, the white sedan had arrived five meters away from her.

“You listen to me; we were sent out by Outsider-san to help you.” The man in the back seat opened the window, and said to her.

“You really know Outsider-san?” Hearing his words, Eiko Kotoshi suddenly stopped. “Outsider-san” was the alias that the person used in his email.

“It’s true, quickly get in, before they catch up.” The man said, as he looked at the car driving out of the parking lot.

Eiko Kotoshi slightly hesitated, but still quickly sat down inside the car.

“Quickly drive.” After she closed the car’s door, the man said to the person responsible for driving the car.

Ten minutes later, after making sure they were successfully able to get rid of the car behind them, the man looked at the policewoman and said: “We were indeed ordered by that gentleman to help, he told us that if you were to be in trouble, we were to help you out, and also told us to give this package to you.” Then he handed her a black package.

After Eiko Kotoshi opened the package, she found a thin laptop inside.

“Why did he give this to me?” Eiko Kotoshi continued to look at the sunglasses man sitting beside, who still hadn’t taken off his sunglasses. It wasn’t only him, but the other two man in the front seat were like that too, it seems like they didn’t want to let her see their faces.

“That gentleman told us that, if some people try to capture you, it means that someone had discovered that you are investigating this matter. In order to prevent them from tampering your computer, you’ll use this computer to contact him.”

Eiko Kotoshi hadn’t thought that the person would be so careful.

“Who are you really?”

“I’m sorry, no comment.”

Hearing his answer, Eiko Kotoshi wasn’t the least surprised, she knew that these people wouldn’t just simply tell her. Although the man had answered a lot of her question, and even asked some people to help her, but just feeling that she was kept in the dark, made her uncomfortable.

“Were they really Public Security?” The policewoman asked another question.

“We’re not certain, but we’re going to investigate their identities. To prevent them from getting you, we have rented a house near the police station that you work at, it would be better if you stay there from time.”

“It’s no good, I need to stay together with my mother, I can’t leave her alone.”

“You can live together with her if you live near the police authorities, no matter if they were the public securities, I believe they won’t come and bother you so blatantly.”

“Did the man say this?”


“All right, I’ll seriously consider it. For now, please take me back.

Eiko Kotoshi felt that she was being manipulated, and it looked like the men have been watching her for a few days now. She was becoming more and more confused of the man’s identity. According to how these men replied, it seems like the man have a huge backing behind him. Who is that guy?

She, suddenly, thought of a person, but soon rejected the idea, because even though that person has the ability, but he absolutely would not annoy the top just because of this matter, moreover he doesn’t have the reason to do so.

“Good, I know. This time I’ve troubled you.”

After hanging up the call, Lei Yin’s complexion wasn’t very good.

The fire he had started had now became big. According to his people, it would be impossible to quickly discover the truth about the matter. It was certain that she hadn’t done anything that would let her be discovered, or told other people about it. He had warned her not to act rashly, and now he began to regret assigning the woman to be his agent.

He was concerned with the present situation, and he had no time to investigate who was behind the previous chase, he also had to find the lab, where the they experiment on people, as soon as possible without alerting anyone, and then bring this matter to light.

If it weren’t for him being compelled by circumstances, he wouldn’t want to use Black Dragon and  its wide range connections. Because, those relationships were formed and build for over many years. Even if he could obtain an accurate information, in the future it may arouse other’s suspicion.

It seems that I’ll have to personally make a move. Thinking about this, Lei Yin scolded the woman again in his mind.

Going back to the stairs, Lei Yin said to the three youth’s waiting for him: “Let’s go.”

“You had to walk so far just to answer a call, was it your girlfriend?” Takeda said curiously .

“It wasn’t. Don’t ask, let’s go.” Lei Yin didn’t want to talk about this topic.

When they had left the school gate, Yoshikawa suddenly said: “I heard that you caused havoc in the basketball club yesterday?”

“I did? I don’t remember.”

“I don’t mean anything about it, I just want to remind you to be a bit more careful. As far as I know, Narimura Haruko sometimes has a hot temperament, I fear the she would cause trouble for you again.”

“Sometimes, I really don’t understand why you like such a woman.”

“I don’t know, perhaps knowing that I can’t obtain something makes it good.”  Yoshikawa smiled bitterly.

“I really can’t understand how you can like someone for such a long time.”

“Is this a praise?”

“Do you think it is.”

At the corner of Lei Yin apartment, five 30-40 year-old men walked out of the corner and stood in front of them.

“It seems like they aren’t sales people.” Takeda whispered.

“Wait here, don’t intervene, it seems like they’ve come for me.” Lei Yin then said.

“Rest assured, we have no intention of intervening.” Yoshikawa immediately said.

“It’s my mistake, I shouldn’t be saying this kind of crap.”

Looking at the unafraid youth’s, the tallest man in the group finally couldn’t bear it and was the first to talk: “You’re Gennai Masashi?”

“If there’s no other people by that name, then I should be him. Why did you come to find me?” Lei Yin was in a bad mood, and surprisingly, he quickly found a few people to vent his anger, the other side really were considerate.

“Nothing, we just heard that you’re very fierce, that’s why we wanted to ask you to compare notes.”

“A fight is a fight, to say that it’s comparing notes. It seems like what the newspaper had written about the economic downturn is indeed real. Such old men coming out and acting like goons, it seems like our situation is becoming worse.”

“You lowly little rascal.” The tall man shouted, and kicked at Lei Yin’s forehead.

His used his leg’s full force, which average people can’t withstand.

Unfortunately, his leg’s was grasped by Lei Yin with only one hand. And with the use of his wrist, Lei Yin had thrown that man to the ground with great force.

Because he didn’t want the game to end so soon, Lei Yin hadn’t dealt him any heavy blow, so when the man got up from the ground, he wasn’t injured. And just scornfully looked at Lei Yin’s eyes.

“One isn’t enough, come at me at the same time.” Lei Yin bent his fingers and invited them to come.

The five men gazed at him for a moment, and then without saying a single word, ran towards him.

After a few minutes, Narimura Haruko, sitting in a luxurious vehicle, was looking at the scene with her binoculars with full of terror.

How could something like this happen?

The five man, she had assigned, were her specialized professional bodyguards. But, even they were still knocked down by that guy with such ease.

She heard that he went against the boxing club, karate club, and other fighting club on his own. But, she only thought that it was just exaggeration. But just in case, she had deliberately ordered five bodyguards from her house to punish this guy, but never would have she thought that it would come to this.

That guy easily defeated the five of them?

Sitting in the car, Narimura Haruko slowly retained her composure, and said to the, 40 something years old, driver: “Drive.”

“Yes, Miss.” The driver immediately started the car.

But in less than two minutes, the car suddenly stopped.

Due to the inertia effect, Narimura Haruko had almost crashed towards the seat in front of her.

“What happened?” She annoyedly asked the driver.

“Miss, a man suddenly rushed out in front of us.”

Narimura Haruko looked out of the window, and saw a man standing in front of the car.

Seeing the person’s appearance, she was startled.

“Hey, what do you want, get out of the way quickly.” The driver got off the car and said to the man.”

The man ignored him, and instead walked straight to Narimura Haruko who was sitting in the rear seat.

“What are you trying to do? I’m calling the cops.” Seeing this, the driver immediately took out his phone.

When she saw Gennai Masashi out of her window, for her own protection, Narimura Haruko immediately locked the door.

“What do you want?” the new freshman school flower coldly said to the man outside the window.

“Nothing, I just wanted to talk with you.”

“I don’t have anything to talk about with you, quickly leave.”

“This won’t do. You’d better sit at the back.” Lei Yin showed a worried expression.

“What do you mean?” Seeing the smile on his face, the new freshman school flower had a really bad feeling.

“Nothing, I just wanted to talk to you face to face.” With that, Lei Yin broke the car’s window.

After, smashing the window, small pieces of glasses flew everywhere, but not towards Narimura Haruko’s face. But the sound of the glass breaking made Narimura Haruko scream loudly.

The driver, who originally thought that the two were going to talk, was stunned by this change.

After breaking the glass window, Lei Yin extended his uninjured right hand through the window and unlocked the door.

“Don’t come.” Narimura Haruko placed both of her hands on her chest, as she trembled while leaning on the other door at the side.

Lei Yin didn’t speak, but instead sweeped the pieces of glass on the leather chair with his hand, and then sat down.

Turning his head to look at Narimura Haruko, who seemed to be frightened, he said lightly: “Actually, I only wanted to say a few words to you. If it’s unnecessary, I don’t wish to hit a woman, so hopefully you won’t make things difficult for me.” After saying that, he left the car.

Watching his back, Narimura Haruko cried and felt humiliated. Although she wanted to use her hands to wipe the tears, but her hands could not work properly as they were constantly shaking.

Outside the car, the driver was thrown into confusion of whether or not he should call the police.