Magic Hero with Zero Aptitude: Chapter 1


Let’s talk about a case.

If you walked in the woods and a demon suddenly came out from the grass what would you do? The answer is quite simple. It’s to bring down the demon which causes harm to people.

But, what if a girl suddenly pops out from the grass?

The answer probably won’t come immediately.

The answer from the previous problem doesn’t help, as there’s a need for me to consider what was there.

Right now, I was placed under such circumstances.


While the sun was rising up, thinking for a moment I suddenly sprang out from the bushes, to once again confirm the girl lying down on the grass unconscious.

Arriving there, I saw a long gray wavy hairstyle. Seeing her face, I thought that she was younger than me, stature was also much smaller than mine.

Although she wore what looks like a black dress, because it was tattered, they show the skin of each spot that was torn.

Observing her, she had a little horn sprouting on her head, and small wings that can be seen from her back that was somewhat exposed.

Seeing the feature, I understood that this child was from the demon race.

However, it’s strange.

I’ve heard from my grandma, that a demon’s horn, and wings were quite large….

“Are you, all right…?”

For the time being I try to amplify my voice.

As usual I was trying to discipline myself in the mountains, when this child suddenly sprang out.

Sometimes, there are times when I would encounter demons, but a situation such as this was a first.

The girl didn’t respond to my voice, not moving at all.


For the time being, should I carry her to a safe place?

It was the conclusion that I arrived at after thinking a little .

As for a safe place….since it’s hard to say that it’s safe in the forest, should I bring her to my house?

I piggyback the girl who was still lying unconscious.

I’m not bragging, but I’m quite strong, so this should be fine.

Is what I though.

Uoo, this cute fellow was very light….

And when I tried to give the girl a piggyback, I was surprised that there was no weight, while carrying such a person.

If it’s with this much weight, it would still be easy to carry her even without my body being tempered.

The girl from the demon race has not yet opened her eyes.

Some parts of her body have been scratched, and also have a somewhat exhausted look.

But this child, is quite cute.

While thinking of such a thing, the girl’s face got closer to mine, and then I looked at the way we had come before.

From the back, I heard the sound of grass being thrusted.


We instantaneously took a distance, and turned around at the back.

This feeling, was definitely that of a demons!


What came out was a wolf with gray fur.

It’s enormous fang was clearly visible from its mouth, while it was growling at me.

….Gun Wolf?

Verifying that it was a demon inhabiting the forest, he knelt down and laid the girl on the side of the road.

As to not become a burden and make me unable to fight.


And as soon as I turned back, , I saw the gun wolf immediately attacking, right after it saw me lowering the girl down.

“Would it be possible just to wait for even a second?”

In accordance with the time when the Gun Wolf sprung, I dodged and twisted my body.

Facing towards the stomach of the Gun Wolf while it was still in the air, I swung my leg for a big kick.


With a scream, the Gun Wolf kept on rolling on the ground.

Clutching my fist, I made a stance as I looked at the Gun Wolf.

「Become the fire that I seek」

Magic was being transmitted and being gathered on my fist.

「And gather to turn into a sphere on my hand, shining up at one point…」

As I continued to chant, even after being stripped off its fangs by me the Gun Wolf stood as it faced towards me a second time.

Strongly clutching my fist, I approached and shoot out my fist at the gun wolf that was heading towards me.

「Flam Val!」

In an instant, a deep-red flame sphere appeared from my fist shot out.


The Gun Wolf quickly reacted, dodging to the right. The low level fire magic「Flam Val!」 disappeared without even flying out for 30cm.

“Tch, avoided…”

After lightly clicking my tongue, I began to prepare for his next attack.

「I ask the wind….」


When I started to chant again, without waiting for me the Gun Wolf rushed towards me.


My chant was interrupted, as I avoided the Gun Wolf rush.

Dealing with such a guy with today’s magic ‘full chant’, no one else but me could do it.

‘short chant’, with the advancement of technology the chant can now be shortened, every magician is able to do the short chant to cast magic.

That’s right, with ‘short chant’ the chant is shortened, and anyone can use it.

Yes, everyone, except me….

「I seek the wind, gather in my hand.」

Hearing my chant, the Gun Wolf once again came rushing towards me.

Avoiding the attack, I continued to chant.

「Become three blades that are able to cut and tear everything, shooting out with ambient shine…」

Then, holding up my hand towards the Gun Wolf, I initiated my attack.

The intermediate wind magic ‘Wind Ring’ emitted.

Finishing my chant, three blades with the size of a fist appeared, and each shot out heading towards the Gun Wolf that was less than one meter away.

One of the wind blade went towards the Gun Wolf….


The Wind Ring vanished after only going to a distance of less than one meter, without even hitting the Gun Wolf. While the other Wind Rings were shot out in another direction.

If it was a normal intermediate class magic ‘Wind Ring’, it’s range would be about ten meters, but for some reason the range of the magic I shot out narrowed to about 1/10th of it.

Seeing my attack fail, The Gun Wolf opened its mouth, in an attempt to take advantage of the opportunity.

“….So, I’m doing this.”

At the next moment, the Gun Wolf’s head was trapped on the huge big tree.


Not being able to cope with the unexpected attack, the Gun Wolf was trapped under a large tree.

It was a large tree that was dissected by my ‘Wind Ring’ that was shot just a little while ago.

“If one can’t use ‘full chant’ right away, then one just needs to earn time to do it. If 1/10 range is not enough, then being this close should be just fine.

With the opponent stopped.

I solidify my fist holding it up towards the Gun Wolf who was struggling to try and somehow escape.

「Become the lightning that I seek. Gather in my hand, and shoot fiercely at one point.」

I casted the magic towards the Gun Wolf’s face.


In a flash. The Gun Wolf’s face sank in the mud caused by the low level lightning magic ‘Blitz’ that was released at point zero distance.

Leaving the Gun Wolf that was spitting out smoke from its mouth. And no longer moving.


After verifying that the Gun Wolf’s dead, I stopped the power flowing in my entire body, and returned back to the girl, and once again gave her a piggy back. Now then, I should get her out of such an unsafe place.