Magic Hero with Zero Aptitude: Chapter 2

Then while going down the mountains.


I heard a lovely voice from my back.

“That, I….”

“O, you’re awake?”

It seems like she had woken up, I try to talk to her in a friendly manner.

Her light blue eyes faintly opened.

Beautiful eyes, is what I thought. Speaking of which, the ‘hero’ somehow also had light blue eyes….


Then, the girl’s eyes widened as if she had remembered something, and suddenly went wild.

“Oh, hey!?”

“Let Go!”

Swinging her hands and feet, she started attacking at me.

“Wait, wait, calm down! You, probably can’t move anymore, right?”

“Such a thing, doesn’t matter!”

I’m trying to somehow appease the violent girl, but under no circumstances would she become quiet.

“No, No, it does matter right now. I can’t just leave a wounded person alone.”

“It’s fine!”

The girl somehow tries to move away.

“Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! I told you to let go didn’t I!

“Even after becoming increasingly violent, I still protest against such a decision.”

But if your resisting that much, I still won’t just let you go.

It’s not that strong anyway….

“It’s fine!! Let Go!!”

But, at the next moment.

An explosion occurred on my back.


It’s destructive power, I immediately let go of the girl or else I would be lying down on the ground.

Just now was….a high class fire magic 『Explosion』?

This fellow’s high class magic, was shot without a chant.

Did she just use one of the 『Five-Pointed Star (Hertz)』, 『No Chant』 !?


The girl that got away from me tried to land on the ground but.

Her balance was destroyed, strongly falling down on the ground with her face first while she raised a strange voice.

….Just looking at it seems painful.

“Gu….It doesn’t hurt.”

Touching my burning like heat on my back, I found out that the back of my shirt was superbly gone.

Damn, this was my favorite shirt. You, I’ll remember this

Standing up, I grabbed the arm of the girl who was crouched down holding her face.

“Iya, don’t touch me!.

However, the girl still rejects me. I forcefully grabbed her arms, and started to leave.

“Iya, didn’t I tell you that you couldn’t move yet? I just can’t afford to leave you alone.”

In fact, seeing the girl lose her balance. Means that, she doesn’t even have any power to stand up anymore.

“I’m fine, that’s why!”

Although that’s what she said, the girl was still desperately struggling.

Showing a slight resistance with her arm, shaking it as if trying to break away.

Even though she couldn’t even stand with her foot, she was still trying hard to stand up.

“Geez, although that’s what you say.”

I sighed, as I watched her trying to move who was just unable to do so.

There you have it….Ah.

“Perhaps, do you have some business with the Bernhard family in this country?”

Bernhard family.

The proud ‘descendant of the hero’ and as a distinguished family, not just known by everyone in this country, but also around the world.

That’s it, this girl a little while ago used No chant to cast a high level magic.

That means, she’s actually a great magician.

If that’s the case, it’s possible that she’s also from the Bernhard family.


Otherwise there’s no way.

The girl would be surprised and her body to stiffen just from the word ‘Bernhard’.

“Such people! There’s no way I’d have business with!!”


The girl began to rapidly circulate her magic, so I hurriedly take some distance.

In the next instance, a very fierce wind charged at me.


The ground cracked, the trees were leveled, and that leaves were all being blown away making the trees stark naked.

I also couldn’t stand against such power, and was also blown away to the side.

Eventually the storm ceased, and it was possible to stand up normally.


The girl was running out of breath, knelt down not moving away from her spot.

Iya, she probably can’t move anymore.

I headed towards the girl again where I was originally at.

“I, I, ha…”

While there were tears streaming down her eyes, the girl talks while her gaze was directed to the sky.

And then, I heard an unbelievable word shot out.

“—I, have to take revenge on the Bernhard family.”


It has already been hundred years, after a certain adventurer Asu Heruto defeated the threat of the devil king.

Sealing the devil king which was the mankind’s largest enemy, Asu Heruto was honored by the people as a ‘hero’

However, that didn’t mean that humanity wasn’t facing anymore threat.

A prediction from a famous fortune teller had made the people anxious.

“Not far in the future, a threat would once again befall on to the human race.”

At that time, Heruto was already gone from this world.

Is what the fortune teller had said so.

This was called ‘Arieru’s Huge Prophecy’, and so the people began to prepare for the threat that would come someday.

The hero’s five large abilities were named ‘Five-Pointed Stars (Hertz), which was something that numerous adventurers strove to acquire.

And the children who weren’t adults yet, had thought of becoming a good ‘hero’, and went to a certain place to learn the ‘Five-Pointed Star (Hertz)’.

That has been now handed down at, the most famous place in the world, a school that fosters the next generation of heroes.

That is ‘Asuheruto Hero School’.

The descendant of the undisputed hero that everyone recognizes, and this girl had just said that she wanted to take ‘revenge’ on.

This was my very ordinary group, I, Hull and a girl that swear to have revenge against the hero, Ririya’s first encounter.