The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 47!!!!

Yeh, yeh I know you want more.

Chapter 47-it’s take a while to translate, but takes a few moments to read it ;-;


The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 46!!!!

Hahahahah, finally another chapter is out, after going through exams after exams, week after week, finally when you think its over, the prof gives you a 7 page paper to do. After a whole 2 months, I’m finally free for the first time, hopefully it lasts long.

Anyway here’s chapter 46


The awesomeness of Revelation Online has come, I’ve been playing this game for the past few days and it rocks lol. It came out like 3 months ago, but because of uni i’ve been unable to continue playing it, i’m so happy playing this game is just so awesome gives u the feel of being a cultivator, try it out!!!!


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