The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 27!!!!

Hey guyz, one last chapter for the year, took me a while because of all the partying that i’ve done in the past few days have made me sore, and still sore today, but a lot better than before. Anyway here’s another chapter, ENJOY!!!

Almost New Year chapter



Yeh, i’ve been partying too much lately, and just two days ago I went to Extreme Tactic, and after i went home my arm was full of bruises, and learnt something valuable. YOU SHOULD WEAR GLOVES AND JACKET (OR LONG SLEEVES) WHILE PLAYING THE GAME!!!! I learnt that the hard way, but it was fun and painful. ALSO YOU SHOULD WEAR SOMETHING BLACK AND NOT SOMETHING AS BRIGHT AS BLUE AND WHITE STRIPE SHIRT BECAUSE YOU WILL GLOW IN THE DARK! And no worries I’m half way done with chapter 27, and will release it tomorrow after I edit it. Also it’s almost new years, so I’m also preparing for that woohoo!!!!

P.S. They would laugh at u after the game for wearing bright colored shirt which had made you the target for the whole game!!


Well, now I’m back after that hellish ride I was in for the past month full of tests, papers and exams, and after all of this im confident to say that I HATE PAPERS, anyway i’m back and i’ve finished translating chapter 26 and is now in the editing stage, its gonna be either done today or tomorrow so no worries the next chapter is gonna be awesome!!!

The Almighty Martial Arts System Chapter 24-King of Shit of Traditional Chinese Medicine!!!!!

First of all I’m still sick and this cold had persisted for like a week now, but it’s still not gone, moreover those persistent headaches made it hard for me to do a lot of thing (also had a quiz last week so i was preoccupied with that) anyway here’s the nxt chapter, gonna be translating the nxt chap today and will have it edited by tomorrow. Anyway, ENJOY!!!!


Chapter 24