The Almighty Martial Arts System

Doctor Jiang Fei, considered closing down the clinic because business was so bad, but unexpectedly his game character entered his body, making him omnipotent.

Not only is his superb in medicine, he also controls the life or death of the flesh bones of the dead person, and just like Yama he snatches people’s life.

He is now proficient in even cooking, playing piano, gardening, and domesticating pets!

People thought this was all of Jiang Fei’s skill, but Jiang Fei would smile and look at the martial arts cheats book. ‘The Dragon’s 18 palms’, ‘Six-pulse excalibur’, ‘Northern Profound Magic’, ‘Lone Solitary 9 Swords’


Chapter 1: Jiang Fei

Chapter 2-Possessed by the Game

Chapter 3-You’re not allowed to call me Uncle!

Chapter 4-Cooking!

Chapter 5: Quick Way To Earn Exp

Chapter 6-The Female Rival in Trouble (Part 1)

Chapter 7-The Female Rival in Trouble (Part 2)

Chapter 8-Acupuncture

Chapter 9-Doctor Jiang!

Chapter 10-Fairyland

Chapter 11-Contracted Land

Chapter 12-a Cowherd and Weaver Girl’s life

Chapter 13-Classmate ’Zhuangzhuan’

Chapter 14-The Two aren’t a Match For Her Chest

Chapter 15-Royal Cuisine

Chapter 16-1st Plan

Chapter 17-Rising Exp

Chapter 18-Finally Leveled Up

Chapter 19-‘Miles Solitary’

Chapter 20-[Summon Beast Evolution Medicine]

Chapter 21-Jasmine Lin quit her job

Chapter 22-Steal a Kiss

Chapter 23-Acupunture King

Chapter 24-King of Shit of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chapter 25-Piercing Three People

Chapter 26-I’ll help you vent

Chapter 27-Good intentions, bring bad outcomes

Chapter 28-A Furious Crowd is difficult to handle

Chapter 29-Sister Su Nan

Chapter 30-Inviting Them To A Meal

Chapter 31-New Oriental Graduate

Chapter 32-Showcase of Talent

Chapter 33-The Perfect Pigeon Soup

Chapter 34-Young Couple

Chapter 35-The Completed Villa

Chapter 36-Raising an Eagle and Walking a dog

Chapter 37-Planning

Chapter 38-Searching For The Right One

Chapter 39-The Despicable Me

Chapter 40-A Loving Man

Chapter 41-Evolution Successful

Chapter 42-‘King’ Simba

Chapter 43-An Alluring Woman

Chapter 44-Kicking Down His Clinic

Chapter 45-I Want To Have A Match With You

Chapter 46-Competing in Acupuncture

Chapter 47-The Oldman’s Pride

Chapter 48-Who is better?

Chapter 49-News Reporter

Chapter 50-Chinese Medicine Association

Chapter 51-The Idea of Making a Hospital

Chapter 52-Going As Su Nan’s Guest

Chapter 53-Divorced Couple

Chapter 54-Just Like Playing With A Ten-Year-Old

Chapter 55-Men fear getting into the wrong line of business, women fear marrying the wrong man

Chapter 56-Massage

Chapter 57-Not Good At Acting

Chapter 58-A Favorable Impression